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Apr 2015
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    marissaleighs commented on Teachers, Share The Strangest Thing You've Seen A Student Secretly Doing

    I told a kid he wasn't allowed to count on his fingers while doing math. He asked me for a piece of scrap paper to work on instead. I came back and he had traced his hand on the paper so he could still 'count his fingers' without having to use his actual fingers.

    2 years ago

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    marissaleighs commented on Tell Us About A Time You Got Mansplained To At Work

    The heat/AC unit in our apartment kept blowing cold when the heat was on, but not reliably. We're pretty sure there was a lose connection in there somewhere. The maintenance guy came to fix it and told us he'd call in a couple of hours to see if it was still working or was blowing… 

    3 years ago

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    marissaleighs commented on What Was The Most Ridiculous Thing You Ever Got In Trouble For At School?

    We had a silent "study block" during part of my english class in 9th grade. My friend and I asked the teacher if it would be okay if we had a snack and she said it was fine. So I brought in iced coffee and biscotti and we shared them and were eating like totally normal human beings… 

    6 years ago

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