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    • marissag10

      Dude: 1) It is the Supreme Court’s duty as the third branch of government to determine whether legislation is constitutional or not. Plenty of President’s have enacted laws that are unconstitutional, FDR did it dozens of times, and Congress has also passed laws that are unconstitutional. You have no idea what you’re talking about. There are still laws on the books, that have been uphelp by the Supreme Court that allow for lawful detainment for the benefit of national security since the Second World War. It is the Supreme Court’s duty to decide whetheralaw is constitutional, andIpersonally find them to be much better qualified than you or I.
      2)Yes the 31 worst people isabit of an overstatement, but to be honest the comments made by the individuals above make me sick to my stomach. They deserve to have their names and faces smeared on the internet if that’s how they choose to display themselves.
      3)WhileIdon’t agree with drones any wellread person can’t possible equate Obama’s foreign policy with Bush II’s. At all.

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