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    The 24 Most Dysfunctional Families In Literature

    Ever feel like your family has more drama than anyone else you know? These essential books will both entertain you and make you feel better about your own home life.

    1. The Karenins and the Levins

    2. The Deckers

    3. The Mitras

    4. The Lamberts

    5. The Binewskis

    6. The Melroses

    7. The Plaskett-Khatchadourians

    8. The Belseys and the Kipps

    9. The Middlesteins

    10. The Gladneys

    11. The Blackwoods

    12. The Fangs

    13. The Dollys

    14. The Lisbons

    15. The Bigtrees

    16. The Unnamed Family in We the Animals

    17. The Edelsteins

    18. The VanMeters

    19. The Buendías

    20. The Witherspoons

    21. Jeanette's Family in Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

    22. The Atwells

    23. The Elbuses

    24. The Wapshots