8 Reasons Why Cartwheel Is The New Gone Girl

You loved Gone Girl, now meet your new favorite book. Jennifer Dubois's creepy novel about an American college student accused of murdering her roommate abroad is sure to thrill you. Here's why.

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6. Different points of view = big revelations.


Cartwheel's narrative artfully shifts between four different characters' points of view. Each perspective allows readers to piece together more of the puzzle.

7. Asks the big questions.


Both Gone Girl and Cartwheel are concerned with a tantalizing question: is it possible that "nice" ordinary people can snap? Does everyone have a dark side?

8. The movie is gonna be great.


Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are set to star in David Fincher's film adaptation of Gone Girl. We have some suggestions for casting the Cartwheel film, if and when it gets made.

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