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Have A Drink With A Hooter In Japan

Locals and tourists flock to Japan's owl cafes!

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Perhaps you've heard about cat cafes


...or perhaps you're thinking, what the fuck is a cat cafe? An obscure, foreign restaurant serving up felines? Nope. Cat cafes, gaining popularity in U.S. cities like Los Angeles (where you can hang at the Catfe), and New York (a trip to Meow Parlour, anyone??) are merely places to hang out in rooms packed full of cats. must be wondering, what could be more exciting than a cat cafe??


What could be more fun than dropping some cash to socialize with cats over a drink, generally a bottle of water or a coffee or tea??

For those wishing for a more exotic experience or to unleash their inner Harry Potter nerd...


Head to one of the many owl cafe's throughout Japan! Yes, that could be YOU with a snowy owl on your arm! Or a barn owl, or a more obscure kind of owl.

Ready to go hang out with some Hooters over a drink?


Call or email the cafe to make a reservations as they tend to fill up quickly and keep in mind it is about $10 or $15 to get in, but very worthwhile! That could be YOU with the owl!

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