Mario Rodriguez
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    • Mario Rodriguez

      Since when going to a themed costume party is being racist? Whats the point of costume parties if not making use of harmless and fun stereotypes to design your costume. Its so easy being the comedian targeting racism and calling all “white” people racist, that’s not funny, and not smart, im pretty sure he didnt say tell those coments to their face, what a dick and a coward. Being a latino myslef, I dont care when people ask me if Im mexican or if I eat beans for breakfast, I dont go oh you racist white man blah blah. This “comedian” stereotypes all these “white” people by making an assumption they are racist, Im pretty sure they were people from other races in that party with similar costumes, but he chose to target the “white” people cause is an easy target for his jokes. Pulling the racism card is the lowest thing anyone can do to win an argument, if there is no racism present why being a complete smartass, btw, I wonder who he thinks “white” people are? Im a white latino, does it mean Im white or latino, or latino white?? maybe i should paint myself brown and wear a mexican hat so Im not included in the “white” group, I dont wanna be called a racist. what a dick this guy is

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