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Christmas With A Bang: Part 2

Tired of Christmas being a simple, boring, and family friendly time of year? Do you prefer action, drama, pathos, and explosions? Try these movies that take place during the Holidays but center more on dramatic story telling and/or action.

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Batman Returns (1992) / Via

Gotham is now under a new threat. Penguin and Catwoman seek out their own goals throughout the Holidays, even by framing Batman for murder. But seriously, don't these two know...this is Batman? You don't mess around with the Bat.


Money Train (1995) / Via

Two foster brothers that are also transit cops have two completely different lifestyles. One has everything he could want. The other has lost everything. So, he plans a heist on the subway car known as the money train.


The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) / Via

Samantha has been suffering from amnesia. When she bumps her head, she begins to remember more and more rather deadly things, until she comes to the conclusion that she is an assassin. Not only that, but some of her old friends and enemies are on the hunt to find her, and kill her.


Reindeer Games (2000) / Via

After taking his dead cell mate's identity when getting out of jail to get his girl, Rudy is mistaken for Nick Cassidy. It just so happens that Nick had an extensive amount of knowledge of the richest Casino and some thieves want what Nick knows. Unfortunately for Rudy, they think he is Nick.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) / Via

A thief while on the run from the cops, stumbles onto a reading for a movie. Ironically, he gets the part of a detective. To further understand his "character" he is to shadow a real detective for a case. However this case gets wrapped up into something crazy that was not expected as the two bicker over what is reality and what is only in the movies.


In Bruges (2008)

movieposteraddict / Via

Two hitmen in Bruges botch up their assignment. Guilt stricken, they await their ruthless boss to figure out what to do. So they have to wait in Belgium for a few hours...which is the last place one of them wants to be.


Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

rareexportsmovie / Via

An archeological dig unearths Santa Claus. After a some children go missing, a boy and some hunters trap Santa and look to sell him back to the corporation that dug him up. Let's not forget the elves wanting back their boss...


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