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Are Students Really Ready For The SAT?

Basic opinion on the SAT and how poorly teachers are preparing their students.

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If you haven't experienced the levels of stress senior year of high school gives you, then you probably will soon. Personally, I have never heard anyone say that their last year wasn't stressful. Now, this stress could be numbers of things. Whether it be from worrying about not getting excepted to that college you really have an eye for - or just worrying about graduating in general. Either way, we all stress.

Just to add on to some of those mountains of stress we call life, students are given the opportunity to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). No one is forcing anybody to take that God awful test, but those colleges you're looking at most likely have that as a requirement. UGH... I know!

Imagine this: You're going through your everyday school life - class by class. You think you're learning all the neccesary needs in order for an average to perfect score on the SAT, until testing day comes around. You're sweating, shaking with nerves. The time starts for the testing and your reading questions, passages, basically everything in the booklet they give you. While reading, some questions are easier and some are harder which is understandable. But, what really catches you off guard are the questions the teachers didn't even reach in discussion. You're so caught off guard trying to - in your mind - dechiper these codes that you don't realize time is being wasted!

The big question is: Why aren't teachers focussing on more topics rather than the ones they seem fit or more difficult?

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