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16 Times Being An Identical Twin Is The Best And The Worst


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1. You have a biological partner in crime.

Di Novi Pictures / Dualstar Entertainment / http://C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures / Via

Who is genetically programmed to have your back.

2. You can totally mess with other people.


3. And each other.


4. You share countless inside jokes.

The WB / Via

And no one is invited to be a part of them, ever.

5. And you probably have your own secret code so you can talk about other people behind their backs.

Warner Bros. Family Entertainment / Via

6. You can't insult each other because you look alike.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Even though you call each other ugly all the time anyway.

7. But sometimes, being a twin can be the most tedious thing on the planet.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

*perpetual eyeroll*

8. Like when someone asks if you can tell the difference between you and your own twin and you're just like:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

"We look soooo different."

9. Or when people have to point out that you just did something exactly the same as your twin.


10. And when mutual friends freak out the first time you meet them together.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

And they always accuse you of playing a trick on them or something.

11. There's always that question, "what would you do if your boyfriend/girlfriend ever accidentally slept with your twin LOL?" and you respond like:

Disney Channel / Via

But, like, that would never happen.

12. Or, my personal favourite, "I bet you guys get up to some freaky stuff, eh? ;) ;) ;)" and you and your twin just stand there like:

Vapor / Warner Bros. / Via

Are you kidding me?

13. When you're together and someone still confuses you for your twin.


*slow blink of death*

14. That painful moment when even your parents can't tell the difference for a second.

Warner Bros. / Via

15. And people always want to know if you can read your twin's mind.


"No, I can't tell what she's thinking. And no, I wouldn't be able to feel it if she got punched in the face."

16. But, most of the time, being a twin can be pretty damn cool, for better or for worse.

Warner Bros. / Via

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