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    The Scandalous True Story Of Marilyn Monroe & JFK

    Forget everything you've heard about the ''affair'' between one of America's most beloved Presidents and America's most iconic sex symbol. The most scandalous thing about that there may not be a scandal at all. By Marijane Gray for Immortal Marilyn.

    It all started with this guy. Yes, this guy.

    And then this happened......

    Seriously though, what does this guy have to do with Marilyn and JFK?

    And now we get to the juicy bits........

    Lurid affairs, red diaries, tapped phone lines, knowing too much and holding a press conference......

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    All these ridiculous assertions that have somehow seeped into the public consciousness originated from Slatzer's book. None of them are mentioned by anyone, anywhere, prior to the 1974 publication of The Life and Curious Death of Marilyn Monroe.

    She never kept a diary (as she says in her own words in the above video). There is no evidence her phone lines were tapped, as she was freely making phone calls to Washington, DC in the month before she died, and no one other than Robert Slatzer ever heard about this supposed press conference. Not her agent, publicist, lawyer, no one. Marilyn was a woman who was always discreet and private, never said anything catty or vindictive, but yeah, it totally makes sense that in the society of the early 1960's she would jeopardize her entire career to blast her personal life publicly and destroy the President of the United States. Sounds legit.

    But who cares if this Slatzer dude was a liar? We all know she was having an affair with the President.

    The first time......

    But I heard that Marilyn met him after the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles.....

    Because she was in New York at the time!

    Didn't Marilyn go to Hyannis Port?

    Didn't she sneak into the White House?

    Okay, but surely Peter Lawford arranged something?

    And then......there's this.


    But....but.....Happy Birthday!

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    Ah yes, the famous rendition of Happy Birthday. Marilyn's show-stoppingly sensual performance of the tune is often held up as though it were evidence of an affair. But let's look at this more closely, shall we?


    Jackie Kennedy didn't go because Marilyn was going to be there!

    A performance that sexy had to mean something was going on!

    But what about this picture? Surely it's an intimate moment?

    Only when it's been cropped to make you think that.

    But surely Marilyn and JFK met up after the gala?

    But she went back to his hotel with him, right?

    But didn't she give JFK a watch as a birthday present?

    Yeah, but I saw secret photos of Marilyn and JFK together that night.

    But she was calling the White House nonstop just before she died.

    This is what RFK's personal secretary had to say about the phone calls.....

    This is Marilyn's phone bill for May and June, 1962.

    Do you see any calls to the White House on it?

    So....what can we conclude?

    Special thanks to April VeVea for her research assistance.

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