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21 Ways Belgium Makes The World A Better Place

Because Belgium is and will always be one of the most delightful countries in the world.

1. Belgians have given us WAFFLES.

2. Belgium also gave us french fries.

3. And then brilliantly paired said fries with mayonnaise.

4. It's also the land of amazing beers...

5. And delicious chocolate and praline.

6. Belgium also has the best cookies on earth: speculoos!

7. But Belgium isn't just great at coming up with delicious food, it's also great at pretty much everything. Case in point: Tintin is Belgian.

8. And so are the Smurfs!

9. Without Belgium, there would be no saxophone. Just imagine what a sad world we would live in.

10. They also gave us Magritte and his surrealism.

11. Jean-Claude Van Damme and another type of surrealism.

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12. Jacques Brel, one of the greatest French-speaking singers of all-time, was Belgian and sang beautifully about Brussels.

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If you can watch him sing and not smile uncontrollably, something is wrong with you and you should probably see someone about it.

13. And today, the amazing Stromae has taken over.

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14. Belgium is also home to gorgeous cities, such as Brussels...

15. Antwerp...

16. Bruges...

17. Or Ghent.

18. Belgians also have a hilarious and brilliant taste for public art.

19. A genius sense of humour.

Love and Fries Conquer all! #Brussels #PrayForBelgium

20. A gift for resilience.

21. And a powerful sense of solidarity.

Thanks for making the world a better place, Belgium. We’re thinking of you!