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    We Asked Non-Danes To React To Photos Of Danish Stuff And This Is What Happened

    Where you learn that hygge is actually a "really groovy dance move."

    We sent 13 uncaptioned photos of Danish stuff to BuzzFeed offices in Mexico, the US, Australia, France, Canada and Germany and asked them to write down their immediate thoughts. This is what they said:

    Hygge: "That feeling when you need to pee real bad."


    What would you say is the meaning of this word?

    Ron (NY): High? Im so HYGGE right now???

    Bryant (NY): A variation of a wedgie. "Go on ahead, I gotta fix my hygge".

    Caroline (NY): A really groovy dance move.

    Rebecca (NY): I feel like it's slang for hygiene?

    Sarah (NY): It's your liver when you've had too much to drink.

    Anonymous (France): That feeling when you need to pee real bad.

    Karla (Mexico): Best friend.

    Craig (Canada): Hug.

    Sheridan (LA): Hug you. Hug me? Or the name of Beyoncé's next album.

    Lena (Germany): Lovely? Cozy? "I enjoy being here"? (This sounds like a sound babies make when they burp. And really cute!)

    Hot dogs: "This looks like heaven."

    su-lin / Via Flickr: su-lin

    Rebecca (NY): Cholesterol. High cholesterol.

    Lena (Germany): This is amazing. I want to move to Denmark right now.

    Craig (Canada): Mother of pearl, is that a bacon-wrapped hot dog with bacon bits and pickles? Get thee into my goblet so I can make love to your every morsel.

    Sarah (NY): There is NOT enough bun for that dog.

    Sheridan (LA): I can feel my acid reflux flaring right now.

    Kasia (NY): I had to wipe up drool before I could even answer. This is the most majestic hot dog I have ever seen, and I'm from Chicago.

    Keely (NY): Am I dead? Because this looks like heaven.

    Jenna (Australia): Is this a sex thing?

    Candles in Christmas trees: "Do you want to burn down your own house??"

    Babies napping outside in the winter: "I have no words."

    Babies sleeping outside cafe in temperature of -3 degrees while mums have lunch inside #goodparenting? #copenhagen

    Candice (LA): I have no words.

    Caitlin (Australia): Um, these parents should be put in prison???

    Adrien (France): Wow seriously? I can't believe this is real it looks like a hoax... It's really sad :(

    Joe (NY): Seems like they should get used to it, they live in Scandinavia.

    Rebecca (NY): Does Denmark raise White Walkers?

    Caroline (NY): They'll probably grow up to be superhumans.

    Anonymous (Mexico): Those babies are warriors.

    Ema (NY): Maybe the secret to having children that grow up to be strong, strapping, beautiful, blonds is leaving them in refrigerator weather for a few hours a week.

    Sheridan (LA): That's why their skin is so good, it's like botox through frozen skin.

    Kasia (NY): You have to toughen them up somehow! I bet they have tiny adorable parkas on. They'll be fine.

    Craig (Canada): Those strollers look expensive so clearly there is a low crime rate in Copenhagen. But everyone knows babies sleep well in the cold when properly bundled so mom should totally get plotzed at lunch and not feel bad.

    Grace (NY): Listen, I saw Frozen. I'll bet a few minutes after this picture was taken a tiny little snowman appeared and babysat the babies while the moms were eating.

    Risalamande: "Beets and cottage cheese?"

    Cargo bikes: "Mommy goals."

    Colville-Andersen / Via Flickr: 16nine

    Rebecca (NY): America really needs to improve in the stroller/ bike scene. Clearly this is the way.

    Ema (NY): Well this doesn't look safe either but it looks FUN AS ALL HELL.

    Lena (Germany): Famous Danish bike lanes. Must love them so much. Also, these bikes are adorable.

    Karla (Mexico): Mommy goals.

    Sarah (Canada): Badass mom.

    Sheridan (LA): Honestly, cool AF.

    Anonymous (France): That looks much more safe than having kids on the back of your bike! I love it and the kids can chat together.

    Baxter (Mexico): First world country cliché.

    Craig (Canada): Everyone is happy and that bike looks like a motherfucker to pedal, so mom is clearly superhuman. I'd probably get half a block and then just crawl up in the front basket and pray it doesn't rain.

    Smørrebrød: "The layering is puzzling."

    Princess Mary and Prince Frederik: "Swag."

    Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    Alex (SF): Swag.

    Lena (Germany): All I can think of here is waste of taxpayer's money, but I'm very sure you Danes have also figured out some Danish solution to that as well.

    Sarah (Canada): #flawless

    Sheridan (LA): I KNOW THIS ONE!!! She's like my fave princess ever cause they met at a bar in Australia. How badass and normal is that?

    Jenna (Australia): Mary! An actual Australian princess, living that fairy tale life. *heart eyes emoji*

    Caitlin (Australia): Isn't she Australian? YES, she's ours and she's majestic so we'll take her back thanks.

    Sarah Lund: "Her name is Ingrid and she knits sweaters."

    DR1 / Via

    Ron (NY): Ice Queen.

    Alex (SF): I don't know who she is, but I like her sweater.

    Bryant (NY): She looks like she writes novels.

    Lena (Germany): I think she's a very wise woman. Probably an author or actress? (Also, I adore her sweater.)

    Sarah (Canada): Her name is Ingrid and she knits sweaters and sells them on Etsy.

    Sarah (NY): She is the Danish Alanis Morissette.

    Craig (Canada): I bet she makes really provocative art and cross-country skis 20km every morning.

    Jenna (Australia): She has a bad case of resting bitch face.

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: "Hot. Really really hot."

    Harry How / Getty Images

    Craig (Canada): He looks like a drunk football manager who used to be a star for the national team but has now led it to a series of embarrassing defeats.

    Caitlin (Australia): Wasn't he on True Blood?

    Sarah (Canada): He looks familiar. Is this a Game of Thrones dude?

    Rebecca (NY): Hot. Really really hot.

    Bryant (NY): KING SLAYER


    Ema (NY): Nice jawline. Better lion.

    Joe (NY): He's beautiful.

    Sarah (NY): I wouldn't mind giving him a handie ;)

    Jenna (Australia): Jaime Lannister. He looks like Prince Charming IRL. At first I hated him and then I loved him and now I'm conflicted AF.

    The Law of Jante / Janteloven: "Jante is the king of the castle."


    Lena (Germany): A Danish movie? Famous dish or dessert recipe?

    Sarah (NY): It's an ancient law that dates back to the turn of the century. Jante declared that every Thursday should be "ice cream day" and it became so.

    Craig (Canada): The rule that any meal must have al least three types of food layered on top of each other.

    Sheridan (LA): Every toddler must march 100 feet in the dead of winter to prove their worth to Danish society.

    Kasia (NY): Jante was a mischief maker but then had the misfortune of falling down a well. The law states that fools will be fools to the very end.

    Caitlin (Australia): Jante is the king of the castle and anything he says you have to do.

    Keely (NY): A law that states all Danish food has to be better than all other food in the world.

    Mads Mikkelsen: "He's always the bad guy."

    Fred Dufour / Getty Images

    Baxter (Mexico): Danish cinema is sooo intense.

    Ron (NY): Look like Vladimir Putin with a wig mixed with Daniel Craig.

    Lena (Germany): Uuuuuh, yesssss. I'm always afraid of the characters he's playing.

    Grace (NY): Clint Eastwood's quirky brother!

    Candice (LA): I approve.

    Karla (Mexico): James Bond villain ftw.

    Sheridan (LA): He's always the bad guy. ALWAYS.

    Alex (SF): No, I don't want to come over for dinner.

    Sarah (NY): I'd let him eat me out ;)

    Anonymous (France): Hot villain.

    Kagemand: "Clusterfuck cake."