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    We Asked Non-Danes To React To Photos Of Danish Stuff And This Is What Happened

    Where you learn that hygge is actually a "really groovy dance move."

    We sent 13 uncaptioned photos of Danish stuff to BuzzFeed offices in Mexico, the US, Australia, France, Canada and Germany and asked them to write down their immediate thoughts. This is what they said:

    Hygge: "That feeling when you need to pee real bad."

    Hot dogs: "This looks like heaven."

    Candles in Christmas trees: "Do you want to burn down your own house??"

    Babies napping outside in the winter: "I have no words."

    Babies sleeping outside cafe in temperature of -3 degrees while mums have lunch inside #goodparenting? #copenhagen

    Candice (LA): I have no words.

    Caitlin (Australia): Um, these parents should be put in prison???

    Adrien (France): Wow seriously? I can't believe this is real it looks like a hoax... It's really sad :(

    Joe (NY): Seems like they should get used to it, they live in Scandinavia.

    Rebecca (NY): Does Denmark raise White Walkers?

    Caroline (NY): They'll probably grow up to be superhumans.

    Anonymous (Mexico): Those babies are warriors.

    Ema (NY): Maybe the secret to having children that grow up to be strong, strapping, beautiful, blonds is leaving them in refrigerator weather for a few hours a week.

    Sheridan (LA): That's why their skin is so good, it's like botox through frozen skin.

    Kasia (NY): You have to toughen them up somehow! I bet they have tiny adorable parkas on. They'll be fine.

    Craig (Canada): Those strollers look expensive so clearly there is a low crime rate in Copenhagen. But everyone knows babies sleep well in the cold when properly bundled so mom should totally get plotzed at lunch and not feel bad.

    Grace (NY): Listen, I saw Frozen. I'll bet a few minutes after this picture was taken a tiny little snowman appeared and babysat the babies while the moms were eating.

    Risalamande: "Beets and cottage cheese?"

    Cargo bikes: "Mommy goals."

    Smørrebrød: "The layering is puzzling."

    Princess Mary and Prince Frederik: "Swag."

    Sarah Lund: "Her name is Ingrid and she knits sweaters."

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: "Hot. Really really hot."

    The Law of Jante / Janteloven: "Jante is the king of the castle."

    Mads Mikkelsen: "He's always the bad guy."

    Kagemand: "Clusterfuck cake."