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The 17 Worst Moments Of Any Job Hunt

Hell exists.

1. When you have to write yet another cover letter.


2. When a former classmate applies to the same position as you.

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3. When you realize there was a typo in the email you just sent to a potential employer.

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4. Or even worse, when you realize you didn't change the name of the company in your cover letter.

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5. When your classmates post pictures of their new workplace on Facebook.


6. And when some of them complain because they're working too much.


7. When you end up applying to an unpaid internship.

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Or to some poorly paid part-time position where the salary won't even cover your rent.

8. When the recruiter of the internship rejects your application because of your "lack of experience."

Showtime / Via

How the fuck are we supposed to get some experience if nobody lets us work in the first place?

9. When someone tells you: "I don't understand how you can end up unemployed with all the money you spent on your degree!"

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Well, neither can I so there is no need to rub salt in the wound.

10. When someone asks you if you're really trying everything to get a job.

Music Box Films / Via

I've tried everything within the boundaries of the law. Any other suggestion?

11. "Maybe you should lower your expectations?"

Universal Pitcures / Via

They can't really get any lower than they are right now.

12. When you're waiting to hear from a potential employer.

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13. When you get rejected. Again.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

14. When you get rejected after THREE FUCKING INTERVIEWS.

ABC / Via

And you had invested all of your money in a professional-looking outfit for the occasion.

15. When you receive a template rejection email.


At least they "wish you the best in your future endeavors."

16. Still better than being completely ignored, which happens most of the time.


17. And when you finally decide to adopt a new philosophy when dealing with rejection.


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