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    26 Things French People Find Kind Of Strange About The U.S.

    Weird but sometimes wonderful too!

    1. Waiters asking you if everything is OK all the time.

    Twitter: @DorkyUdon

    In France, waiters will usually leave you alone even if you don't want them to – sometimes you will literally have to scream for help for them to notice you.

    2. The obsession with icy-cold water.


    No matter the season, American restaurants seem set on serving only icy-cold water. My American friends told me that's because it's "more refreshing," but who would want a brain freeze in December??

    3. Same thing with the AC.

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

    Why do you guys love the cold so much? And when you go from 90 degrees outside to 20 degrees inside a supermarket in the summer, isn't it a lil' bit too much?

    4. Tipping.

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Twitter: @TheGum25

    All this math at the end of a meal is just cruel.

    5. The huuuuuuge portions of food at restaurants.

    Twitter: @AWellArmedMonk

    A French family could survive on this pizza for several days.

    6. The fact that there are no jugs of water on restaurant tables.

    ABC Family / Via

    Instead, waiters refill your glass when it's half-empty. I could really do that myself.

    7. Pharmacies where you can also buy beer, cigarettes, soda, and candies.

    Leo Prieto / Via Flickr: leoprieto

    I'm not criticizing, but it seems like an odd combination.

    8. The feeling that the consumer is truly king.

    A really refreshing and nice feeling when you come from a country where the consumer is pretty much always in the wrong. Wanna return something you bought in France? It's probably not gonna happen, and they don't care if the pants they sold you had a hole at the crotch; you should have looked closer.

    9. The size of cars.

    10. Humongous bottles of wine.

    Twitter: @zachdixon_


    11. Getting carded when you want to buy beer, even though you're already past 30.

    I couldn't even tell you what the legal age for drinking is in France and I don't remember ever getting carded there at any point in my life.

    12. Strangers smiling at you all the time.

    The Food Network / Via Twitter: @swaghusky2002

    That's actually super nice (albeit slightly scary at first, when you're not used to it).

    13. Proms!

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    A tradition completely foreign to us, except for what we learned from Hollywood movies. Many French teens are actually pretty jealous about that one.

    14. People wearing sweatpants outside of the gym, and flip-flops outside of the beach.

    SDOT Photos / Flickr: sdot_photos

    Parisians wouldn't wear flip-flops and sweatpants to take out their trash.

    15. People out in the world in their PJs.

    Twitter: @awyiss_

    There is something endearing and remarkable about really not giving any fucks.

    16. Baby showers, bridal showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners...

    Universal Pictures / Via

    You guys really know how to make use of any excuse to party and get presents. I respect that.

    17. Commercials every five minutes on TV.

    18. Prices being advertised before tax.

    Scott Griessel / Getty Images

    And feeling cheated when you receive the check. (I know this doesn't happen in every state, but still.)

    19. Restaurants and stores being open 24/7.

    Prab Bhatia / Via Flickr: gdvan

    Good luck finding anything open past 5pm in France on a Sunday.

    20. People filling your bags for you at the supermarket.

    The CW / Via

    21. The fact that that "how are you?" often only means "hello" and that the person asking you doesn't really wanna hear about your current state of mind.

    NBC / Via

    22. People drinking their coffee while walking.

    Dragonimages / Getty Images

    Coffee should be sipped on while sitting at a terrasse.

    23. The price of French cheeses at the supermarket.

    24. Being able to pay with your card without entering a code, just by signing a piece of paper.

    25. The monstrosity that you call "French bread" at the supermarket.

    Twitter: @scorrell88

    This bread has nothing French and it pains me to think that anyone could think it has.

    26. And finally, wall mount shower heads.

    John Loo CC BY / Via Flickr: johnloo

    How do you rinse your butt, if you don't mind me asking?

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