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    13 French Words I Bet You're Probably Using Or Pronouncing Wrong

    "À la mode" has nothing to do with ice cream.

    Hey there! I'm Marie. I'm French, but I lived in the US for many years.

    During my time there, I noticed that Americans use many French words, but they often have a different meaning or a very different pronunciation in English — which led to a few misunderstandings. Here are several!

    1. In French, "à la mode" has nothing to do with pies and ice cream.

    2. "Croissant" isn't pronounced "cruss-AUNT" or "cruh-sent" but "krwa-san."

    A tray of croissants

    3. "Maître d'" doesn't actually mean anything in French.

    4. In France, an "entrée" is actually an appetizer.

    5. "Connoisseur" is not actually a word in French.

    6. "Champagne" isn't pronounced "sham-payn" but "shon-pahn-ye."

    A bottle of champagne

    7. The luxury brand Louis Vuitton isn't pronounced "Luis Vewi-tuhn" but "Lwee Vwitoh."

    Photo of Louis Vuitton store

    8. "Risqué" usually has no sexual connotation in French.

    9. Only major snobs and tourists yell "Garçon!" at cafés.

    10. We don't use the word "passé" to say that something is outdated.

    11. "Adieu" isn't pronounced "uh-dyoo" but "ah-dee-uh."

    12. "Corsage" doesn't have the same meaning in French.

    13. We don't use the word "encore" to describe the extra song at the end of a concert.