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Americans, Here's How To Pronounce "Croissant"

Tom Holland pretty much nailed it.

Hi! I'm Marie. I'm French and have been living in the US for a few years.

Jessica Lima / BuzzFeed

In my time in this country, I've heard my share of mispronounced French words. But the main one is usually "croissant."

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TBH, I don't actually care how you pronounce that word — as long as people you're ordering croissants from understand you, who am I to judge?

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I also know that you can come off as pretentious if you pronounce it correctly or that people don't always understand you. And honestly, I sometimes Americanize my pronunciation to make sure I'm understood.

But this morning, it has come to my attention that people are making fun of Tom Holland for the way he pronounces "croissant."

And that it has even become a meme.

And it's a goddamn tragedy because guys, I'm here to tell you, the way Tom Holland says "croissant" is pretty much the way you're supposed to say it (if you care about the original French pronunciation that is, if not, once again, live your truth.)

Hello! I'm French and Tom Holland's pronunciation of "croissant" is more accurate than most English speakers.

His pronunciation isn't perfect but it's one of the best I've heard from a native English-speaker.

So once and for all, here's how the word "croissant" is supposed to be pronounced.

So stop making fun of Tom.

  1. How do you say "croissant"?

    How do you say "croissant"?

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How do you say "croissant"?
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