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23 Cookbooks Food Lovers Actually Want For Christmas

These will not disappoint.

1. Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi

Ten Speed Press

Every single Yotam Ottolenghi cookbook could be featured in this list. But this one, written with Sami Tamimi, is both an ode to Middle Eastern-inspired cooking and a beautiful love declaration to Jerusalem, from two men who grew up in the city – one on the Israeli side, the other on the Palestinian.

Get it on Amazon for $22.

2. Appetites: A Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain


Anthony Bourdain's first cookbook in over a decade, Appetites, is filled with some of his favorite recipes, from ratatouille to roast beef po' boys. A must-have for all the fans of the chef!

Get it on Amazon for $22.

3. Scandinavian Comfort Food: Embracing the Art of Hygge by Trine Hahnemann


A Danish word, hygge is used to describe the feeling of coziness of a relaxed social environment, usually involving lots of delicious food. The concept seems to have taken over the world these past few years, and Trine Hahnemann's cookbook is the perfect guide for anyone who is trying to master the art of hygge at home.

Get it on Amazon for $25.

4. Red Rooster: The Cookbook by Marcus Samuelsson

Rux Martin/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Harlem food legend Marcus Samuelsson wrote a love declaration to the neighborhood that adopted him – a book filled with recipes like this awesome fried chicken.

Get it on Amazon for $22.

5. Sicily: Recipes From An Italian Island by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi

hardie grant books

This gorgeous book is the perfect introduction to the colorful world of Sicilian cooking — from classic Sicilian pizza to ricotta-stuffed cannoli.

Get it on Amazon for $40.

6. The Great British Bake Off Big Book Of Baking by Linda Collister

BBC Books

The official cookbook of what is arguably the best cooking show on TV does not disappoint. You will find some of the contestants' most emblematic recipes along with classics from Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Simply scrumptious!

Get it on Amazon for $30.

7. Dorie's Cookies by Dorie Greenspan

Rux Martin/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Dessert queen Dorie Greenspan's books are ALWAYS great, and so are cookies. So what better present during the holidays than this?

Get it on Amazon for $20.

8. Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food by Jamie Oliver


The charismatic British chef offers a selection of comfort foods from all over the world that should easily get you through winter.

Get it on Amazon for $26.

9. Simple by Diana Henry

Mitchell Beazley

Everything you need to know is in the title. Cookbook extraordinaire Diana Henry offers another selection of delicious recipes that are actually easier than you think – from butternut strata to Balinese roast pork.

Get it on Amazon for $20.

10. My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz

Ten Speed Press

David Lebovitz is an American expat in Paris, and if you don't follow his blog, you really should! A mix of stories and recipes, this book is a wonderfully smart and accurate window into French culture and gastronomy (and I'm French so you can trust me on that).

Get it on Amazon for $29.

11. Every Grain Of Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop

W. W. Norton & Company

This book won the 2014 James Beard Award in the International cookbook category for a reason: it's the ideal introduction to everyday, authentic Chinese cooking.

Get it on Amazon for $25.

And if you want to delve even deeper into the world of Chinese food, try Fuchsia Dunlop's most recent cookbook: Land of Fish and Rice.

12. Art Of The Pie by Kate McDermott

Countryman Press

This book will take your pie-making skills to a whole new level and help you achieve that elusive perfect crust.

Get it on Amazon for $23.

13. Breaking Breads by Uri Scheft


Any New Yorker who loves food also loves Bread's bakery's amazing chocolate babka, challah bread, and almond croissant. In Breaking Breads, Uri Scheft finally shares his secrets and recipes with us so that we can also learn how to make a mean challah bread.

Get it on Amazon for $27.

14. How To Cook Everything by Mark Bittman

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

This comprehensive guide to home cooking is a classic for a reason. The recipes are always delicious, straightforward, and reliable. A great cookbook for anyone who wants to get into cooking but doesn't know where to start.

Get it on Amazon for $21.

15. Taste Of Persia by Naomi Duguid


The perfect book for foodies with major wanderlust, Taste of Persia is a journey through the foods of Central Asia and Persia, and it's a solid option if you want to learn how to make caucasus fried potatoes or pomegranate-marinated kebabs.

Get it on Amazon for $25.

16. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman


Deb Perelman is one of the best food bloggers out there — and her cookbook features crowdpleasers like chocolate chip brioche pretzels and maple bacon biscuits.

Get it on Amazon for $21.

17. Cooking For Jeffrey by Ina Garten

Clarkson Potter

No joke, Ina Garten is a true icon and the friend we all wish we had. But, if like me, you're still waiting for an invitation to her legendary barn, the second best thing you could hope for is this book.

Get it on Amazon for $21.

18. The Food Lab by J. Kenji López-Alt

W. W. Norton & Company

This one's for food nerds who want to know more about the science of cooking, but also for anyone who is trying to always achieve greatness in the kitchen. López-Alt is the Managing Culinary Director behind Serious Eats, so he knows his stuff.

Get it on Amazon for $27.

19. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime by Ree Drummond

William Morrow Cookbooks

In her latest cookbook, the blogger and Food Network host offers a spread of simple, approachable dinner recipes for families.

Get it on Amazon for $16.

20. Cravings by Chrissy Teigen


As one Amazon reviewer said, "John is a lucky man." Chrissy Teigen's book is filled with easy recipes that you will actually make. We tried some of the recipes and loved them!

Get it on Amazon for $18.

21. Koreatown: A Cookbook by Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard

Clarkson Potter

This starter on Korean food is filled with approachable recipes — and it's perfect if you want to add things like butter dumplings and kimchi pancakes to your roster.

Get it on Amazon for $20.

22. EveryDayCook by Alton Brown

Ballantine Books

Everydaycook is Alton Brown's first cookbook in a few years and his most personal to date. for food nerds, food lovers, and life-long Good Eats fans.

Get it on Amazon for $23.

23. Tasty: The Cookbook


If you've been on Facebook over the past years, you've probably seen a Tasty video or two. You can now build your own recipe book, picking which categories of recipes you're most interested it, and get it delivered in time for Christmas.

Get it here for $24.

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