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21 Delicious And Affordable Things You Need To Eat In Nashville

The Music City's food scene is what dreams are made of.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite meal in Nashville for under $10. Here’s what they said:

1. Prince's Hot Chicken

Instagram: @nealsantos

"Prince's Hot Chicken has been serving up this deliciously painful dish long before hipsters caught on. The key is the depth of spices beyond the initial heat; this fried chicken is the most flavorful I have ever had."

Submitted by Carter Wright, Facebook.

2. The popsicles from Las Paletas

Instagram: @adamsoko

"Less than five bucks for THE BEST ice cream or fruit-based creations. I highly recommend the chocolate chip cookie or the coconut."

Submitted by laurar45dc620ee.


5. The pizza and the garlic knots from Five Points' Pizza

"OMG. My fiancé and I went here for lunch while we were visiting Nashville from California and we had their pizza by the slice with garlic knots. We ended up going back for dinner about five hours later and he tried to get me to go back for lunch before our plane left the next day. I still fantasize about those garlic knots… YUM."

Submitted by alisons49c7d0ecb.

7. The sandwiches from Back To Cuba Cafe

Instagram: @alyceyoungblood

"They have Cuban sandwiches as big as your forearm (which is why they frequently run out after the lunch rush), legit Cuban cuisine, and you could totally fill up two bellies for $10."

Submitted by jlane.


8. Vegetarian food from The Wild Cow

Instagram: @inspiredspoons

"The Wild Cow has the best vegetarian/vegan I’ve ever eaten; it’s my favorite place to eat, by far!"

Submitted by samyjoy97.

9. The hot chocolate from Tempered Café and Chocolate

Instagram: @yelpnashville

"Tempered, in Germantown, has the best hot chocolate ANYWHERE! It’s a small, unassuming restaurant/bar, but drinking a cup of their hot chocolate is like drinking a melted candy bar. Not to mention they top it off with homemade whipped cream!"

Submitted by tylerg44232b52a.

11. BBQ from Peg Leg Porker

Instagram: @chicagofoodauthority

"Peg Leg Porker is the best BBQ in Nashville, in my opinion. No frills, delicious food with a great beer list."

Submitted by amandaj4f440fbce.


12. Ice cream from The Pied Piper Creamery

wtnymr10 /

"I will give a strong shout-out to the Pied Piper ice cream shop in Five Points. Lots of fun flavors and they give out free lactaid if you have trouble with dairy products."

Submitted by Jake Haskell, Facebook.

13. The tacos from Mas Tacos Por Favor

Instagram: @yenniferyassel

"Their tacos, soup, and grilled corn are all amazing and affordable!"

Submitted by LibertyGirl.

14. The lattes from Frothy Monkey

Instagram: @ao926

"The Rosemary honey latte at Frothy Monkey is a game changer."

Submitted by chloemckenziem.


16. BBQ from Jack's Bar-B-Que

Instagram: @wandersauce

"Small joint, but such good food. Always a line out of the door, so worth the wait."

Submitted by taylort44c259263.

17. The Mexican Cinnamon-Chili dark chocolate bar from Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Co.

Instagram: @passporteater

"The Mexican Cinnamon-Chili dark chocolate bar from Nashville’s chocolate factory Olive & Sinclair is the best $7.50 I’ve ever put in my mouth. Made from scratch and worth every penny."

Submitted by lornejangle.

19. The bánh mì from Mitchell Delicatessen

"Mitchell’s Deli in East Nashville has perfected the art of the sandwich. Specifically, their bánh mì is a religious experience. So much so, that my sister in law requires this meal every time she is in town."

Submitted by Carter Wright, Facebook.


20. The donuts from Donut Den

Instagram: @pari_n

"Anything and everything at Donut Den."

Submitted by Elle Hussey, Facebook.