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26 Quirks Americans Don't Realize Are Super Weird

From three-liter bottles of wine to going to the store in your PJs, here's what the French think is super strange about good ole 'Murica.

1. Restaurants that serve ice in your water no matter the weather.

2. Air conditioning. Everywhere. All the time.

3. The nightmare that is tipping.

4. The ungodly portion sizes at restaurants.

Ordering a large with @Cookie_133 may have been a mistake... #nypizza #americanportions

One American meal is enough to feed a whole French family for a week.

5. The waiters who come back to check on you every three minutes.

Waiter: is everything ok with your food? Me:

If it wasn't okay, we would say something!

6. Waiters refilling your glass as soon as the water dips below the halfway point.

7. Pharmacies that also sell candy, soda, cigarettes, beer....

8. The size of the cars.

And the highways are just as supersized.

9. Three-liter wine bottles.

hahaha more wine, 2 three liter bottles and 1 six liter bottle #WineFreaks

And sometimes six!

10. Being asked for your ID when you enter a bar or buy a beer, even though you are clearly over 30 years old.

11. Strangers smiling at you.

12. People wearing workout clothes when they're not at the gym and flip flops when they're not at the beach.

13. People who go to the store in their pajamas.

14. The currency all looks the same.

15. TV shows with commercial breaks that last longer than some scenes.

16. Prices are always displayed without tax.

17. Stores and restaurants that are open 24/7.

18. People who fill your bags at the supermarket.

19. When someone says "how are you?" but they really mean "hello" and actually DGAF how you are.

20. Flags. Everywhere.

21. People who drink their coffee while walking.

22. Deep-fried food covered with sauces galore.

23. The price of cheese.

24. Being able to use your debit card without entering your PIN, just with your signature.

25. This travesty they have the audacity to call "French bread."

#hot #french #bread lol I baked it myself #Safeway

26. And unadjustable showerheads.