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37 Reasons Why Italy Is Actually The Worst

Please never go there!

1. If people tell you Italy is beautiful, do NOT believe them.

2. Italy is just the worst.

3. Seriously.

4. It is absolutely vile.

5. Boring.

6. And unremarkable.

7. This country has literally nothing to offer.

8. And I mean NOTHING.

9. The coastline is plain and uneventful.

10. The beaches are crowded and ugly.

11. The whole coastline is just painful to look at.

12. Seriously, look at this!

13. It's an insult to the eye.

14. It's revolting!

15. Eww.

16. Gross.

17. And don't get me started on the architecture.

18. It's all dull-looking villages.

19. And soulless hamlets.

20. Even the sunsets are lame.

21. The food and desserts are gag-worthy.

22. Italy's history is uneventful.

23. There is literally no sight of interest anywhere.

24. Its countryside is yawn-inducing.

25. The mountains are grotesque.

26. And the volcanoes hideous.

27. The whole country has no class.

28. And no distinction.

29. Turin is like a big and ugly mole in the middle of the country.

30. Bologna is the least interesting place on earth.

31. Venice is like a big old nothing surrounded by water.

32. Seriously.

33. And you'd have to be insane to find Florence beautiful.

34. There is LITERALLY NOTHING attractive about this city.

35. And if you thought going to Sardinia would be better, well I've got news for you: Sardinia is actually the worst.

36. The whole country is seriously uninspiring.

37. Never go there.