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32 French Desserts That Will Make You Want To Pack Everything And Move To Paris

Oh. Mon. Dieu.

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1. Tarte Tatin

A delicious caramelized upside-down apple pie that never, ever, disappoints.

Here is the recipe.


4. Paris-Brest

The Paris-Brest is basically a cream puff filled with praline-flavored cream. What more do you need??

Find a recipe here and here.

5. Eclair au chocolat

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A true classic that never lets you down. The real French chocolate éclairs have a chocolate cream filling, and not some kind of vanilla custard like many recipes in English would have you believe.

Here is a great recipe.

6. Kouign Amann

An amazing caramelized specialty from Brittany made with A LOT of butter, which is a prerequisite to achieve pastry heaven.

Here is a recipe.


8. Far Breton

This prune cake is one of the most mouthwatering gifts Brittany has offered to the world.

Find the recipe, here.

10. Gâteau au yaourt

This yoghurt-based treat is probably the easiest cake recipe ever invented.

Find the recipe, here.

11. French Apple Pie

You think you know apple pies, but if you haven't tried a French apple pie you don't know shit.

Click here for the recipe.


12. French lemon tart

Less tangy than the American lime pie, the French lemon tart is both sweet and refreshing.

Here is the recipe.

13. Canelés

This Bordeaux specialty tastes like vanilla and rum — in other words, it tastes like heaven.

Find the recipe, here.

15. Chocolate Profiteroles

I don't know who first had the idea to pour hot chocolate sauce on a choux pastry filled with vanilla ice cream, but this person deserves a Nobel Prize.

Here is a recipe.


16. Tarte tropézienne

It's pretty much a giant cream puff, which can only be an amazing thing.

Recipe here and here.

18. Chocolate Religieuse

One of France's most popular pastries, the religieuse exists in many flavors but you can never go wrong with coffee and chocolate.

Here is the recipe.

19. Fig tart

A delicious tart that celebrates one of the best fruits.

Here is the recipe.


20. Saint Honoré

Cream puffs + pastry cream + whipped cream = food orgasm guaranteed.

Find the recipe, here.

23. Baba au Rhum

It is soaked in rum. If that's not enough to convince you, I don't know what you need.

Find the recipe; here.


25. Kouglof

The Alsatian bundt cake is the perfect Christmas treat.

Find a recipe, here.

26. Mont-Blanc

Made with chestnut cream and meringue, the Mont-Blanc cake is the best thing you could ever eat after a cold winter day.

Here is the recipe.

27. Île flottante

This floating island is the kind of classic dessert French grandmas make for their grandchildren.

Find a recipe, here.


28. Raspberry Charlotte

Both beautiful and delicious.

Here is the recipe.

29. Meringues

Crunchy, sticky, and sweet, meringues are ridiculously good and addictive.

Here is the recipe.

31. Mille-feuille

Puff pastry and custard united in a wonderful and exquisite dessert.

Here is the recipe.

32. Choux à la crème

Words cannot even begin to express how good choux à la crème are. You're just gonna have to go ahead and try them for yourself.

Find the recipe, here.

The Paris-Brest is filled with praline-flavored cream. An earlier version of this post misstated that it was filled with whipped cream.