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17 Scandinavian Landmarks That Are Actually Crap

At least according to some people on TripAdvisor.

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1. Tivoli gardens, Copenhagen – Denmark: "Creepy tiny theme park."

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"A total load of rubbish: You have to pay to even get into this run down creepy tiny theme park with horrendous restaurants. Don't do it."

2. Hardangerfjord – Norway: "Perhaps other fjords are more extreme."

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"Doesn't meet expectations: First time in Norway and really looking forward to the fjords, despite the expected "tour de force" and the high costs. Overall "OK" but nothing overwhelming and less interesting than other less known places (i.e. the scottish highlands and the Alps). Perhaps other fjords are more extreme (PS weather was fantastic)."

3. The Vigeland Park, Oslo – Norway: "Full of naked people."

Wetterrolf / Flickr: wetterrolf / Via

"Hard to work out: For some reason the park is full of naked people... pretty weird to me, as Norway isn't exactly the warmest place to stroll around in the nude [...] Men, women, children all nude sculptures... the proper monuments are not there, the ones that count.

I didn't take pictures... I couldn't see myself posting pictures of willies on my wall..."


4. Lilla torg, Malmö – Sweden: "Explosions sometimes at night."

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"Avoid: run by gangs with explosions sometimes at night it is over crowded and full of vapid air kissers. It is best when it is empty in the morning."

6. Preikestolen – Norway: "Death defying thrills."

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"Crack: Anybody notice the fine vertical crack forming on front precipice? People have evidently failed to reach the point beyond failsafe, but if and when they do it'll be far too late. Death defying thrills only appeal to people who mentally deficient. Or just plain nuts. It doesn't matter which."


8. Uppsala Cathedral – Sweden: "If I were you I would rather go to 7/11 at the train station."

James Losey / Flickr: jameslosey / Via

"Size does not matter: Sure its big, and a landmark for Uppsala, but it does look like all other churches around. If I were you I would rather go to 7/11 at the trainstation and buy five cinnamon buns for 49 kr."

9. Oslo Opera House – Norway: "Yes, there's a lot of marble."

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"Not a highlight: How this ranks as number two of all attractions in Oslo is beyond me. Yes, there's a lot of marble. Yes, the sloping walkable roof is interesting but really? ... A couple of rectangles placed on a vantage point? Dont bother ... there's more to Oslo than this."

10. Stockholm City Hall – Sweden: "Ugly building in a soulless part of Stockholm."

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"Ugly building in a soulless part of Stockholm: This was the most disappointing tourist attraction we found in Stockholm. Apparently the guided tours of the interior are more impressive (which sadly we didn't have time for), but the building exterior felt very cold and soulless in contrast to the many other beautiful architectural wonders we visited."

11. The Øresund bridge – between Sweden and Denmark: "It's a bridge."

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"It's a bridge, why bother: Unless you're an engineer or a bridge buff, you can skip this. Go to the metro station Amager Strand and walk to the beach. You can catch a view of it from there. Doing more than that is a waste of time."


12. Urnes Stave Church – Norway: "No drinking water available."

grosun / Flickr: grosun / Via

"Overrated attraction: Do not trust pictures of Urnes Stave Church. You will definitely not be able to take some of those as the view you can see will differ. I visited the church on a very hot day-long walk up, no drinking water available. The tickets are not cheap, but what really disappointed me most-guides. Just rude Norwegian guys. You cannot even approach the church without entering if you do not have a ticket. And you have to pay for the ferry. Just disappointing!"

13. Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen – Denmark: "I thought I went to the wrong palace."

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"It's boring. I thought I went to the wrong palace because of the rave reviews but looking at the pictures I did go there. It's okay. Nothing magnificent or jaw dropping."

14. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – Denmark: "I found the art to be questionable."

Marius Watz / Flickr: watz / Via

"Confusing: Louisiana is located 30 min north of the city in a beautiful setting on the coast. But...

We found the layout at Louisiana to be very confusing. I'm still not sure if we saw all that we could have. I also found some of the "art" to be questionable. Without having the Copenhagen Card for "free" admission I would call it a ripoff. Definitely not worth the trip from Copenhagen."

15. Gamla Stan, Stockholm – Sweden: "Dirty old streets."

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"Disappointing: Always love old cities in Europe, but Gamla Stan was the most disappointing I've seen. It was more like dirty old streets with lots of cafes and restaurants with exact same menus. Shop windows had really junkie stuff on display, didn't really want to go into any of them. Very ordinary."

16. Akershus Fortress, in Oslo – Norway: "Rather un-grand, as Castles go."

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"Rather un-grand, as Castles go: We trekked up here before returning to our ship and felt it wasn't worth the walk, but to get a shot of the boat below. The exhibits are tired and it wasn't worth the price of admission. There are many finer castles in Scandinavia."

17. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen – Denmark: "Lots of broken statues placed in one room."

Heather Cowper / Flickr: heatheronhertravels / Via

"I wanted to go and dip my toe in the culture of this museum. What can i say- lots of broken statues placed in one room. very disappointing. The museum had 50% closed for a new exhibit and as such no modern statues on exhibit. glad i went on sunday when its free, i would have been mad to pay to see this."

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