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17 Scandinavian Landmarks That Are Actually Crap

At least according to some people on TripAdvisor.

1. Tivoli gardens, Copenhagen – Denmark: "Creepy tiny theme park."

2. Hardangerfjord – Norway: "Perhaps other fjords are more extreme."

3. The Vigeland Park, Oslo – Norway: "Full of naked people."

4. Lilla torg, Malmö – Sweden: "Explosions sometimes at night."

5. Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen – Denmark: "Not a castle."

6. Preikestolen – Norway: "Death defying thrills."

7. The Oslofjord – Norway: "Stay away!"

8. Uppsala Cathedral – Sweden: "If I were you I would rather go to 7/11 at the train station."

9. Oslo Opera House – Norway: "Yes, there's a lot of marble."

10. Stockholm City Hall – Sweden: "Ugly building in a soulless part of Stockholm."

11. The Øresund bridge – between Sweden and Denmark: "It's a bridge."

12. Urnes Stave Church – Norway: "No drinking water available."

13. Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen – Denmark: "I thought I went to the wrong palace."

14. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – Denmark: "I found the art to be questionable."

15. Gamla Stan, Stockholm – Sweden: "Dirty old streets."

16. Akershus Fortress, in Oslo – Norway: "Rather un-grand, as Castles go."

17. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen – Denmark: "Lots of broken statues placed in one room."