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Jonah, An 8th Grader, Who's Been Bullied Since 1st Grade, Posts Bravest Video Of His Life.

The story is pretty clear, Jonah, a is a kid in the U.S. who confesses to being bullied since grade 1. At the time this video was posted, he was just about to start the 8th grade. Without speaking a single word Jonah reveals he began cutting himself in grade 2, has contemplated suicide and has ongoing feelings of self-loathing. No doubt, his confessions are risky, if this video goes viral (and my guess it will) he might be an even bigger target for the bullies in his school. I think that if he's gone this long as a victim, his brave YouTube confession will probably make him the spokesperson of the moment for victims of bullying. Totally worth a watch and, yeah, I defy you to not want to hug this kid by the end of the video. Friggin' Eh, Jonah. You're a hero.

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This video appeared in my feed today thanks to my friend, Michael Nus (Thanks, buddy!). The story is as honest as it is heart-wrenching. Jonah, an American 8th grade confesses of the effect of a life of torment and becomes the spokesperson of the moment for victims of bullying - regardless of the consequences.

Virtual hugs.

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