Indie Musician Pranks Starbucks To Become Song Of The Week

When I first watched this I thought "What about the people who were legitimately the song of the week?" So I asked Gavin Slate, a Toronto Indie Musician who decided to take marketing for his song to a new level by printing off his own "Starbucks Song of the Week" cards and distributed them across Starbucks in his hometown of Toronto. Gavin mentioned he was often topping up empty boxes or put his card next to the phone app that was featured that week. So far, he's gotten close to 200 downloads for his song "Life of a Salesman" In all, we thought that it was sneakily clever idea for a song that's pretty good. Sometimes you got think outside the box to make something good happen! Right?

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Sneaky Toronto-based musician, Gavin Slate, prints off 1000 cards that look like "Starbucks Song of the Week" and distributes them across Toronto Starbucks and secretly films it all.

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