TikTok Is Obsessed With This Smudge-Free Drugstore Lipstick

    What even is this wizardry?

    There’s a beauty product that’s been getting ignored during these times, and that’s lipstick. But that might soon change, thanks to beauty TikTok’s latest “It” product.

    TikTokers all over the country have been testing NYX's new Shine Loud High Shine Lip Color, amazed at how it absolutely does not budge when you try to wipe it off.

    Makeup artist @glamzillaxo was one of the first TikTokers to try it out. First, she applies the actual color, then lets it dry before adding the shiny gloss topcoat. After a few seconds, she kisses her fingers, revealing absolutely no transfer whatsoever. What is this wizardry, and where has it been my entire life?

    And it's only $11.50!

    This TikToker even tried testing it against her favorite cheesy, spicy snack. (A cream cheese and Takis-filled jalapeno.)

    This is seriously awesome news, especially for those of us who have only dreamt of wearing lipstick underneath our masks without looking like the Joker afterwards. 


    #stitch with @glamzillaxo what is this sorcery.. Tik tok ruins my wallet lol.. #makeup #beauty #BRIDGERTON #MyHaul

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    One warning, though: don't let your dog get a hold of it...


    @nyxcosmetics love your new shine loud lipstick! 10/10 recommend #frenchie #nyxcosmetics #shineloud

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