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    These Are The Touching Artworks People Are Sharing In Solidarity With Manchester

    The moving images range from song lyrics from Manchester bands, to makeup inspired by Ariana Grande, to drawings of bees – the city's symbol.

    Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

    At least 22 people were killed and over 50 more were injured in a suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night in Manchester.

    A man who has yet to be formally named detonated an improvised explosive device in the foyer of Manchester Arena at 10.30pm as the pop singer was finishing her set.

    People from all over the world took to social media overnight and on Tuesday and Wednesday to share artworks to express their solidarity with the victims of the attack, their families, and the people of Manchester.

    A lot of people shared this solidarity symbol, with added bunny ears, which Ariana Grande is known for wearing.

    Some added the ears to the pop star's song lyrics.

    Others drew the singer crying and comforting fans

    One even put the symbol on her laptop screen then created a shrine.

    Another put the same symbol and the word "Manchester" in hearts next to each other.

    And a makeup artist drew the symbol on her eyelid.

    Someone else wrote the words of James Corden's tribute to the people of Manchester on a silhouette of Ariana Grande.

    Many showed their grief by sharing lyrics of Manchester bands like the Smiths.

    One even drew Smiths singer Morrissey.

    This person shared a postcard that they thought was now more relevant than ever.

    And another used this quote from the Stone Roses to express her feelings.

    Others were more subtle, simply sharing pictures of Oasis.

    And one made a collage of famous quotes about the city.

    And a few remade the logos of the city's football clubs to show their solidarity.

    A lot of people took to Instagram to post their drawings of bees – the symbol of Manchester.

    One drew a bee holding a placard with hearts.

    Another shared a collage of a bee with a heart over it.

    This woman went further and drew a bee on her wrist with henna.

    And this person said they'd been drawing a bee for another reason but decided to make it about the attack.