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    13 Items You Can Justify Buying This Week While They're On Sale

    Including your soon-to-be favourite pair of jeans, Badgley Mischka heels and a super cheap bamboo smart devices holder.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Another hump day, another excuse to alleviate some stress (and coin) via some well-deserved retail therapy.


    I swear the weekend ended, like, a second ago. How is it already Wednesday?

    Here are 13 things that will make the rest of your week just that itty bit more tolerable and won't damage your bank account beyond repair.


    1. These wide-leg, California blue jeans from The Iconic's private label, that unlike hip-huggers, will never go out of style (sorry, had to be said).

    The Iconic

    RRP $89.99 / Buy for $40.50 from The Iconic.

    Just bloody look at them. The high-waist, loose fit from thigh to cuff β€” all in a gorgeous California blue wash, that is faded to PERFECTION. 'Scuse me while I wear this all day, every day, until it falls off my body β€” at which point, I can painlessly buy another one, because it's near impossible to buy quality denim for such a low price nowadays.

    2. These Badgley Mischka Royal Heels β€” and, yes β€” you should absolutely tell every bride you know they they're now on sale.

    @badgleymischka / Via, Amazon

    RRP $245 / Buy now from $33.71 from Amazon Australia.

    Though your marriage isn't doomed if you don't wear something blue on your wedding day (here's hoping, because I totally forgot), you might consider these ICONIC Badgley Mischka satin heels for your big day. Peep-toe design (because you spent enough on your pedicure and should probably show it off), royal blue satin and a spiralling, bejewelled feature to the heel β€” they're the perfect accent to any wedding dress.

    3. This powerful Dyson V7, because now that you're an adult, it's time you invest in a decent vacuum.

    JB Hi-Fi

    RRP $599 / Buy now for $449 from JB Hi-Fi.

    Homeowners everywhere made this brand synonymous with vacuuming and quite frankly, I get it. Different heads (direct drive, combination tool and crevice tool) and an adjustable arm make it useful for every cleaning situation β€” and its powerful battery gives you up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction. Plus, it comes with a charging docking station, so it's ready to get your house tidy when you are.

    4. This STEM educational robot, which will turn playtime into a learning opportunity (for you too, let's face it).


    RRP $54.55 / Buy for $37.39 from Amazon Australia.

    This (ridiculously cute) engaging robot can be used as both a tool to improve English vocabulary (he repeats what you say!), introduce rhythm through a dance and song function and learn different animals. Plus, a recording mode lets your little one personalise their robot with their own voice!

    5. This water-repellent nappy bag, which unlike others β€” that claim to be attractive, but look like something you picked up during a kerbside clean up β€” is actually cute enough to bring everywhere with you.


    RRP $247.17 / Buy for $95.65 from Amazon Australia.

    For the mama who prioritises sustainability, this grey marle nappy bag is the ideal accessory. Constructed from recycled materials and made with mind to environmental production standards, you can feel good about your purchase. Multiple compartments means everything has a place β€” baby food, bottles, mobile β€” it even comes with a water-repellent changing mat and hooks for easy hanging on prams or strollers.

    6. These cotton-linen blend culottes that will make you feel like you're on a road trip down the Italian coastline β€” though you're really just going for a smashed avo on a Sunday morning for the umpteenth time.

    Cotton On

    RRP $39.99 / Buy for $19.98 from Cotton On.

    These relaxed fit, wide leg culottes are cut at the calve (perfect for these last days of summer) and are constructed from a lightweight, cotton-linen blend fabric β€” all the breathing quality, less of the crushing. An elastic waistband to the back allows for growing space, tortoiseshell button details to front and β€” joyfully β€” pockets! Not keen on these colours? It also comes in a classic black and striped blue-white.

    7. This Oricom Baby Monitor with a camera and audio, because you're going to be grateful for the ability to soothe your baby via monitor when it's 3 a.m. and you've gotten up twice already.


    RRP $229 / Buy now for $171.75 from Amazon Australia.

    Before my first pregnancy, I thought a baby monitor with camera and an audio-broadcasting function was a bit, well, much. So young, so naive. My baby was awakened many a night by a creaking bedroom door, all because I had to check in on him in-person and not over a baby monitor.

    This particular model includes a room temperature display and alert, infrared night-vision capability, night light and lullabies. Should you choose to invest in more than one camera, up to four can connect to the parent monitor

    8. This backyard parasol, for when "slip, slop, slap" is not enough.


    RRP $95 / Buy for $65 from Ikea.

    This bad boy has a UPF 50+ rating β€” meaning it blocks 90% of all ultraviolet radiation. Pair with its base for a sturdy, easy-to-use (opens and closes with just a crank!) shelter for you and your mates as you soak up the last of this season's good weather.

    9. This Kambrook Wide Slot Toaster, which was already cheap as chips, but is now just ridiculously priced.


    RRP $34.95 / Buy for $29 from Amazon Australia.

    Kambrook β€” who you already know because their stuff definitely already exists in your kitchen cabinets β€” has built this two-slot toaster extra wide and deep, so you no longer have to flatten your ciabatta slices with your hands before squishing them in for toasting. Fitted with a six stage browning control, a removable crumb tray and that price, it definitely deserves a space on your counter.

    10. This nappy backpack, which I'm filthy about not having found when my children were babies.


    RRP $119.99 / Buy now for $75.99 from Amazon Australia.

    Constructed from durable and water-repellent polyester, this nappy bag will last you through the long months before baby is toilet-trained. Insulated pockets keep milk bottles the ideal temperature for longer and various compartments keep food, toys and clothing separate from each other. If you're looking for the perfect baby shower gift, take it from this mother β€” this is the one.

    11. This bamboo smart devices holder and stand, which you and I both need, on account of our messy AF desks.


    RRP $15 / Buy for $14 from Kmart.

    Okay, yes β€” it's only gone down a single dollar. But honestly, it deserved to cost a lot more in the first place. Most other smart devices holders are made of plastic (affordable, but ugly) or hardwood (beautiful, but exxy) β€” this gorgeous bamboo one is not only cheap, but it has a place for your headphones, watch and other little trinkets, beside your daily used electronics.

    12. This, Prey for PlayStation 4, which honestly, freaks me out a bit. I love it.

    Bethesda Softworks, @binh.p84 / Via

    RRP $49.95 / Buy now for $24 from Amazon Australia.

    Whether you're into first person shooting games or are a fan of sci-fi thrillers, this game should be the next you binge-play your way through. One of the last remaining survivors on a space station, you will gain alien abilities and an arsenal of tools with which to fight the invading extraterrestrials. No biggie.

    More of an Xbox fan? Get the game here.

    13. And finally, this electric pedicure hard skin remover, which will save you all the monies you usually blow at the salon.


    RRP $25 / Buy for $18.59 from Amazon Australia.

    Without going too much into it β€” because, feet β€” my electric pedicure roller is one of the best things currently living in my bathroom. Interchangeable heads ensure your feet are like new, no matter their condition, whether they need just light maintenance or you need to remove big, ugly callouses. We're a thong-loving bunch, so there's no reason why we don't all own this beauty of a tool.

    You, at all these things.


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