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    For Anyone Who Likes To Hibernate In Winter, This Wearable Blanket Is For You

    Winter is a cruel mistress.

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    Hey, hi. We're not yet halfway through winter and I hate it.

    Short of inventing a heated onesie with which to move through life (feel free to take the idea and run with it), I have no options but to make do with being uncomfortable or frozen.

    Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to The Comfy — an oversized, sherpa-lined, wearable blanket.

    A man and a woman sit holding each other while wearing The Comfy, perhaps looking off camera at a television

    This Shark Tank-pitched invention (ask your American cousins about it, the show is huge over there) found success on TV and now can be bought worldwide. And let me tell you — people are straight up hyped about it.

    Ample material through arms, body and hoodie, means not an inch of you has to suffer through the chill. There's even a large pocket at the front in which to bury your hands (and snacks).

    A woman sits curled up on an armchair, wearing The Comfy and smiling at camera

    Should you care to bring this heavenly warmth and cosiness around with you all day, then you go and do that. The Comfy is the perfect length, ensuring ease of movement.

    Five adults sit on foldable chairs outdoors, cheering presumably kids sports, off camera

    But surely such a fluffy and soft fabric needs to be hand-washed and air-dried (read: high maintenance), I hear you speculate.

    Basically, I'm about to bin every hoodie and blanket I own, and replace them with The Comfy.

    Close up of model's smiling face, holding a sherpa-lined hood over her head

    Buy it now from Amazon Australia for $49.99.

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