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    PSA: This Digital Pet Bowl Will Help You Take Better Care Of Your Fury Friend

    You give in to their cravings too often, let's be honest.

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    Listen up, animal lovers. You've been feeding your pet way more than is necessary and you know it.


    I know, I know. They give you those eyes and you find yourself loading their bowl more than is necessary.

    Fortunately for you, the Petkit Smart Bowl is here to thwart your loving yet unhealthy impulses.


    So what makes this bowl better than the one you currently have?


    Fitted with a digital scale, it will give an accurate weight of its contents — perfect for dogs or cats on special diets.

    Petkit Indonesia / Via

    Plus, if you wanted to get the most out of your smart bowl, you can pair it with a Petkit Activity Tracker, which will allow you to tailor your pet's diet based on their calorie consumption.


    Your animal will basically be on a better nutrition plan than you.

    An anti-microbial outer shell prevents bad bacteria and germs from growing in food.


    Choose from different colours, patterns and models — including Mondrian, cow print and wood-look — here.

    If that weren't enough, a removable inner metal bowl makes cleaning easy and is angled so that even the most flat-faced of breeds can get to their meals.


    Yess, even your cute, squished face of a pug.

    All in all, a pretty bloody decent investment, if you ask me.

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    Your pet, doting on you for taking good care of them.


    Buy the Petkit Smart Bowl for $63.28 from Amazon Australia.

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