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    The Rains Are 'Ere — So You're Going To Need This Windproof Umbrella And Moisture-Wicking Case

    Never again throw a broken brolly in the bin again.

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    After an unseasonably warm autumn, the cold chill and rain showers have finally moved in and with it, the need for an umbrella.


    And maybe, unlike Gene, the desire to actually use it.

    "Well, I already have an umbrella", you might say. But you don't have the Newdora Windproof Travel Umbrella and that would be a mistake.

    Touchstone Picture

    Allow me to tell you why.

    First of all, there's the one-hand, automatic button function. You can quickly close and open the canopy with just your thumb.


    Now, I know you've been drenched in the past, needing to use both arms and half a torso to open your brolly, half in and half out of a car. Never again.

    And I know, I know. There are those of you who swear by full-sized umbrellas, because you think they're stronger and are less likely to collapse in the wind. But oh boy, do I have news for you.


    Newdora brollys are built with automatically adjusting, flexible frames made from premium fiberglass and high quality steel. What does this mean? The canopy is capable of bouncing back from even the strongest of winds or heaviest of rains.

    So we've established that the brolly is excellent — compact, strong and convenient. That alone makes it better than what you've currently got lying around at home.


    I know, how much better can a brolly get? It turns out, a bunch.

    The clincher? This moisture-wicking, zippered, super absorbent bag.


    Yes, the same microfibres that are used to painlessly and quickly pick up spills in the kitchen line this brolly bag. Others are useless, water seeping through them and wetting your belongings in the process.

    Buy this bad boy now for $25.99 and choose from six different colours.


    Including this rather sweet cloud-patterned one.

    You, never again.


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