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    11 Tasty Snacks That Definitely Belong In Your Work Desk Drawer

    You're going to want to buy these in bulk.

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    I am currently on something of a health kick, and as such, am re-evauating the contents of my office desk drawer.

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    ^Me, once the 3pm slump hits, no longer.

    In case you, too, are looking for healthier snack alternatives, with no less taste credits, I've rounded up 11 of the best snacks to stock your desk drawer with:

    1. Almond, Matcha, Cranberry & Dark Choc Bar by Shelby's.

    Shelby's / Via Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed Oz

    These bars of pure goodness are a big hit around the BuzzFeed office. Vegan-friendly, sweet and nutritious, these are natural-based snacks you'll want to stock up on. And if you're looking for flavour combinations, I highly recommend the Almond, Matcha, Cranberry & Dark Choc bar.

    Buy a pack of 12 from Amazon Australia for $27.54.

    2. Roasted Seaweed With Sea Salt Snack by Honest Sea.


    This vegan-friendly snack is perfect for when you want something light and salty. Crunchy and paper-thin, eat this when you need a quick injection of minerals and nutrients.

    Buy a pack of six from Amazon Australia for $10.99.

    3. Frisp Mango Crisps by Coco Earth.


    Nothing but pure, freeze-dried mango. A healthy, sweet alternative to your afternoon bag of chips.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $1.75.

    4. Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Delites by Fantastic Snacks.

    Fantastic Snacks

    Gluten-free, oven-baked, salty and acidic — these are my absolute favourite crackers. These whisper light snacks are tasty enough to eat on their own, but also add a fun dimension to any dip you might have in your work fridge.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $2.

    5. Sweet and Salty Popcorn by Serious Popcorn.

    Serious Popcorn

    This organic-certified popcorn is cooked in coconut oil, topped with raw, fair trade sugar and sea salt for the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Get in ma belleh.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $1.95.

    6. Peanut Butter Superfood Ball by Emma and Tom's.

    Emma and Tom's

    All-natural, gluten-free and vegan-friendly, Emma and Tom's Peanut Butter Superfood Balls are full of peanuts, dates, organic coconut, buckwheat, Himalayan salt and all kinds of goodness — but absolutely no refined sugars. Plus, it makes a good addition to your morning yogurt bowl.

    Buy a pack of 12 from Amazon Australia for $30.03.

    7. Almond Butter and Banana Chips Snack Pack by Byron Bay Peanut Butter Company.


    Solely made of almond butter, banana, coconut oil and coconut sugar, this snack is a healthy way to get your afternoon kick of energy.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $5.22.

    8. Goji Snack Blend by Power Super Foods.

    Power Super Foods

    Nothing but goji berries and raw cacao nibs — an antioxidant-rich, refined sugar-free snack that can also be added to smoothies and breakfast bowls.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $11.57.

    9. Nature's Protein Chickpeas by DJ&A.


    These all-natural, vegan-friendly chickpeas have been lightly cooked and seasoned with vegetable oil, sea salt, yeast extract and spices. The only concern is stopping once you've started because they're seriously addictive.

    Buy a pack of 16 from Amazon Australia for $46.61.

    10. Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Dipped and Dusted Almonds by Shelby's.


    Okay, sometimes nothing but chocolate will get you over that 3 p.m. slump. In which case, these roasted almonds covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate and raspberry dust is just the thing you want to binge on.

    Buy a pack of 10 from Amazon Australia for $23.76.

    11. And finally, Cracked Pepper and Rock Salt Baked Flat Bread by Huntley & Palmers.

    Huntley & Palmers

    Made with natural ingredients, this flat, crispy flat bread is perfect naked or topped with your favourite dips, cheese or deli meats.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $4.60.