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    These 14 Things Will Make Your Home Over With Very Little Money Or Effort

    Not a thing over 50 buckaroos.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This removable marble contact paper, which will hide the unsightly mess that is your current countertop.


    I dropped an embarrassing amount of money for my stone countertops — and honestly, in addition to being much cheaper, this PVC contact paper looks just as good. It is oil-proof and bubble-free — and at 0.61m x 5m, is enough for most kitchens.

    Buy for $28.99 from Amazon Australia.

    2. This textured yet simple ceiling lamp that is the cheap way to disguise the basic bulbs that came with the place when you moved in.


    It can be tempting to just leave the bulb as is — they get the job done, don't they? But should you be looking to give your place a quick upgrade, these fixtures are the way to do it. Light is evenly diffused through a translucent bottom and its woven-texture exterior adds just a bit of interest to this otherwise classic fixture.

    Buy for $49 from IKEA.

    3. This clear scratch shield that will protect your door and other hard surfaces from your pet's less adorable habits.


    Constructed from industrial-grade vinyl, this clear scratch shield is the saviour your doors have been begging for — you just haven't been able to hear them over the constant scratching from your pet. Its easily attached via 3M double-sided, self-adhesive dots. When no longer needed, you can trust that not a mark will be left on the door's surface.

    Buy for $35.99 from Amazon Australia.

    4. This pumice cleaning stone, because there's nothing more embarrassing than having to direct unexpected guests to a dirty toilet.


    Look, no one likes putting their hand in the vicinity of the toilet bowl. At least with this pumice cleaning stone, you'll be in and out in no time at all. Rings and stains that would otherwise take much muscle, time and product to move are easily scrubbed away. Plus, this particular one comes with a free drain snake, so you can clean your drains while you're at it.

    Buy now for $24.99 from Amazon Australia.

    5. This touch-up crayon that will fill the little scratches and dents your wooden furniture has accumulated over the years.

    Bunnings, Timbermate / Via

    I am not a handy person, so I've kind of just accepted the scratches and dents my home and furniture are slowly accumulating *eyes my tiny humans and cat*. This brilliant little tool, which comes in every conceivable hue of wood, can be rubbed into the surface of your furniture or heated to fill larger dents. You can even mix more than one stick to get your desired colour! Now anyone can be a home renovator.

    Buy a single stick for $6.55 from Bunnings.

    6. This fabric defuzzer, which with one stroke, will remove all that unwanted fluff from your upholstered furniture and clothing.


    This ergonomically-designed fabric shaver will make all your fuzzy sweaters and blankets like new again — no more throwing out perfectly good clothing because of the fuzz and lint that has cropped up all over. Lint is gathered in the handle (no spitting it out all over your floor) and easily emptied into a bin. Lastly, this gadget is rechargeable, so no digging around drawers for batteries you may or may not have before a night out.

    Buy for $19.95 from Amazon Australia.

    7. This hardwood floor cleaner, made for housekeeping novices like myself — just squirt and mop, and voila! Floors are like new again.

    @methodhome / Via, Method Home SIngapore / Via

    This cleaner is plant-based and biodegradable, and importantly for someone time-poor as myself (and aren't we all?), so easy to use. Just squirt some on your wooden or laminate floors, mop it up and say hello to your reflection in your like-new, shiny floors.

    Buy a pack of six for $21.89 from Amazon Australia.

    8. These Selleys Sugar Soap Cleaning Wipes, which are the only defence my poor walls have from my kids' sticky fingers.


    I remember, so clearly, how particular I was about the hue of white I painted the inside of my house. I read all these interior design blogs about how a cool white would have this effect and a warm white would have this effect etc etc. Then my children proved it didn't at all matter, because either way, it all just becomes a shade of my kids' dirty handprints. Like, I don't even recall giving you anything sticky to eat? Fortunately, these brilliant sugar soap wipes get rid of grease, scuff marks and general marks, as well as stains with ease. Mum: 1, Kids: 0.

    Buy for $4.50 from Bunnings.

    9. This microfibre blind cleanser, because waving a duster back and forth isn't doing much more than spreading dust around the room.


    Microfibre cloths gather dust to the themselves, rather than spreading it to the air or floor below. The genius of this tool is in its three-arm design, which allows you to clean two blinds at a time, making a fairly tedious job end faster. Once you're done, simply take the cloths off and chuck them in the washing machine for use again in the future.

    Buy for $15.91 from Amazon Australia.

    10. This drain snake that will unclog the hair that has been building up since you've been sprouting follicles on top of your head.


    If I'm honest, I can't look at this photo without gagging a touch. I imagine doing the job itself would be much the same, but it needs to be done, so might as well get it over and done with faster, right? There are two different lengths to choose from, 50cm and 60cm, so no matter how far down you've managed to shove your hair, the tiny claws along its length will be able to pull it all out in one go.

    Buy a pack of four for $7.99 from Amazon Australia.

    11. This gel mould and mildew remover, that does all the dirty work in the shower you've been avoiding.


    I love me a quick fix. This highly concentrated (wear gloves!), mould and mildew remover is effective and requires very little effort. Simply squeeze gel along the grout you want to revive, leave for five to six hours, then wash off with running water. Much cheaper than renovating the bathroom, really.

    Buy for $21.99 from Amazon Australia.

    12. This pet hair removal broom and squeegee, which will make over almost every surface in your home.


    The little broom that could. Replace your rags, hard-bristle brooms and squeegees with this one tool. This extendable, rubber broom can be used to drag pet hair from carpeted areas, then flipped to its flat side to get rid of water marks on your shower screen.

    Buy for $27.99 from Amazon Australia.

    13. This Ikea desk organiser, which is not only a brilliant way of storing all the stuff currently strewn across your desk, but will add a pop of colour to an otherwise plain setting.


    This lightweight yet sturdy desk organiser will collect all the notebooks, pens, pencils and paper that you don't quite know where to store, but still don't want to throw away (hello, Mother's Day cards and magazines I'm too busy to actually ever read). Plus, with its royal blue and white criss-cross print, it's hella cute.

    Buy for $9.99 from Ikea.

    14. And finally, this patterned window film, which will hide an ugly view and provide privacy.


    If you're living in a major city, chances are you're on a teeny-tiny block like me, or living in an apartment with windows that front other people's properties. This glue-free, adhesive contact paper is a pretty and damage-free way to keep a semblance of privacy when walking around your home naked. Bonus: The film protects against 96% of harmful UV rays.

    Buy from $34.99 from Amazon Australia.

    You to your home, after buying everything on this list:


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