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Updated on 4 May 2020. Posted on 4 May 2020

Men, Tell Us — What Have You Gotten From Therapy?

It's time we talk about this.

Growing up, therapy always seemed to me to be something that only the very rich or those at the end of their rope took part in.


And there were never, ever any men who willingly went.

Thing is, therapy makes an immeasurable difference to many, many male lives. And we don't talk about it nearly enough.


Thankfully, we are moving into a time where men are able to more openly express their emotions — but still, rarely will any openly admit to seeking professional help. And that needs to change.

So, men of the internet, tell us — what is it that you get from therapy?


Perhaps you've learned new coping strategies that you didn't have before.

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Maybe you didn't have someone to talk to about your everyday worries — and now you do.


Or maybe you've gained a piece of advice you otherwise wouldn't have, which has changed your life for the better.


Whatever it is, please tell us: How has therapy improved your life for the better?


Drop your answers and/or photos below and the best ones will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!