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    • marieb13

      I have read over and over people blaming Muslims or Middle Eastern people.Iwould first like to point out that while not technically white (I am Latina), my skin is very white,Iam blonde and blue eyed too…so everybody calls me white…andIam Christian, ELCA Lutheran for that matter. In everythingIhave read or heard the police and FBI have not said if these boys are middle eastern or muslim you are are assuming because of there names and the action because you are so enveloped in your own hatred you can’t see any other possibilities. From whatIgathered they or at least1had an account on the Russian equivalent to Facebook, so it goes to reason that he could be Russian. Hell they could be American too, officials haven’t released that kind of info yet! Leaving the judging to God, get over your hate…and btw white, Christians can be just as crazy…think about it…Ruby Ridge, Waco, the mass murder at the teens camp in Sweden (I think) just aboutayear ago…all white…all christian….and there are so manyIam leaving out butIfigure you’d get the hint. The Muslim/Islam faith does not teach violence that is the work of extremists and there are extremists in EVERY Race/Ethnic group/Religion/Gender…you get the picture. We are all horrified by these insane and tragic acts, let us banned together to help the victims and stop the hate.

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