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The 2nd Law Review In Gif Form

Originally crafted on my personal Tumblr, I thought, "Hey! The world may want to know my thoughts on Muse's latest album" Couldn't get the whole world to notice, so I settled for Buzzfeed.

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10. Save Me

Chris sounds beautiful. I like the song because even though it’s different—and definitely more stripped down than the rest of the songs on the album—it still sounds like Muse. This simple(r) song is just what the album needed.

11. Liquid State

Another kick-ass song from Chris. Why are these the first two instances of Chris singing prominently? This should happen more often. I would be in HEAVEN if Matt’s operatic performance fused with Chris’ rock sound in a duet. Where’s THAT song on the album? I would like it to be here.

13. The 2nd Law - Isolated System

Whereas the Exogenesis: Symphony told the story of a dystopian future world, The 2nd Law is grounded in the dystopian aspects of the present. It’s weird, dark, and awesome.


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Included in the iTunes’ Deluxe Version are two videos The Making of 2nd Law and Bonus Feature, which both showcase the behind-the-scenes of creating The 2nd Law. These features made me fall in love with the songs even more because you get to see the effort and passion put into making the album. Watch on YouTube if you don’t get this version ‘cause they’re pretty great.

Overall, super fun, epic, and powerful album albeit a bit over-produced. It’s GRAND and DRAMATIC but MORE is MORE, right?

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