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"Game Of Thrones" GIF Companion, Episode 4.7: Snowcastles In The Snow

Things got weird at the Vale. A Song of Ice and Fire spoilers ahead!

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Then — for some reason *cough* THE PATRIARCHY *cough* — we cut to naked Melisandre talking to Shireen and providing useless character information that we already know.

Yes, Melisandre is mysterious and “sexy.” Shireen is pious and suspicious of her daughter. YAWN. NEXT.

What I love about Tyrion — and what kills me — is that even after everything EVERYTHING he can still be hurt hearing about how his father and sister feel about him.

Even when he was a baby, perhaps especially when he was a baby, Cersei hated him. And that hurts him, because that’s supposed to be his sister. There’s a part of him that hopes and yearns for family, love, and acceptance. It’s what makes him human — it’s what makes him one of my favorite characters

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