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"Game Of Thrones" GIF Companion, Episode 4.5: Oh Old Gods And The New, We’re Halfway Through Already

Yeah, yeah, Tommen's coronation was no great shakes, but remember how much of relief it was to finally be done with Craster's Keep? A Song of Ice and Fire spoilers ahead!

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It’s Tommen’s coronation but does anyone really besides Tywin? I mean, damn, he can’t even clap without looking sinister.

Margaery’s bow to Cersei couldn’t be smaller.

Cersei and Margaery are still in mourning colors.

Cersei ain’t buying Margaery’s bullshit.

It’s tragic how Cersei and Margaery must still look to their fathers for their approval despite being capable in their own right. Margaery is especially more capable than Mace.

Jorah is looking goooood.

And he knows it.

UGH I forgot about Cleon the Butcher.

White Saviors can only go so far. Time to start knitting that Meereenese Knot.

So he’s making Alayne his niece, eh? Is that less creepy? Well now he’s officially a Creepy Uncle so I would say that’s a NO.

Okay so now that Robin is like 12, he’s definitely done sucking his mom’s teats, right?

Lysa: “We had our wedding night many years ago.”

Petyr Baelish is just as much of a prostitute as anyone of his employees.

Gross. Gross squared.

Are they making the Iron Bank into some weird foreign Federal Reserve allegory?

I can hear you already, "Wasn't it already?" No. It was an allegory for accruing foreign debt. Or it's exactly accruing foreign debt.

What’s adorable about that Hound-Arya bedtime scene is that he was actually hurt that she said she wanted to kill him. Oh Sandor.

Lysa be CRAZY.

Pod would be a squire that can’t ride a horse.

Is Syrio Forel dead though…I hope not.

Sand Snakes mention! Aw, Elia is difficult.

From “Power is power” to “What good is power if we cannot save the ones we love?” — Cersei is changing.

Cersei’s tactic for achieving her goal is interesting — she’s using the truth.

I really like Brienne’s armor, and I want it.

Is Locke there just to kill Bran? Or will he inadvertently help them escape?

I would really love Bran and Jon to reunite. That would bring me joy.

Oh shit. Wait. Bran should warg into Locke!

I wonder what the children of the forest will look like. Hopefully not shitty CGI. (Like that weirwood tree on the hill.)

I heard they’re going to kill off at least Jojen — maybe even Meera too. I’m not okay with that.

Ah, Locke was just a scout. Lame.

Get your hands off of Meera!

Oh God, Burn Gorman. You’ve done way too much as it is. Let’s cut this bullshit out.

Does Burn Gorman’s character even have a name? Do we care? (No.)

[Jon] Snow fall and bury your bones. Yes.

Bran!Hodor knows how to get shit done!

But poor Hodor that’s not a pleasant thing.

OMG Bran crying out to Jon and then deciding to continue on to the Three-Eyed Raven broken my heart.

I don’t think the Starks will ever truly reunite again.

Craster’s wife-daughter and Jon Snow FTW.

Dolorous Edd and Grenn are still alive.

UGH Rast.

Ghost really needs to kill Rast.

Thanks Ghost. I knew I could count on you.

At least we got a Jon-Ghost reunion. It's the little things in fictional life that count.

Bye bye Craster’s Keep.

Night’s Watch Ladies! Get it!


Asha! I mean Yara! Mycroft! I mean Tycho! Stannis! Davos! Oh and Ramsay. Blegh.

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