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    27 Products On Amazon That Inspired Over 1,000 People To Leave A 5-Star Review

    A mini griddle, a toothpaste squeezer, the best wrap dress, and 24 other 5-star-worthy products.

    1. A heavy-duty oven cleaner that'll clean up even the worst burnt-on messes. Instead of spending hours scrubbing your oven with no success, spray on this lemon-scented cleaner, let it do its magic, then simply wipe off the grime.

    2. A microwavable popcorn popper for the easiest way to make your favorite movie-night snack. Just ~pop~ the kernels in and microwave for three minutes before enjoying a perfectly cooked batch with no burnt or unpopped kernels.

    Reviewer image of popped popcorn in blue container

    3. And to season your popcorn, a two-pack of nutritional yeast seasoning aka a great substitute for cheese. The vegan flakes add amazing cheese-like flavor to pretty much anything — mac and cheese, roasted veggies, eggs — without containing any dairy.

    4. A 12-pack of microfiber cleaning cloths with a whopping 57,000+ 5-star reviews. If you've been on the hunt for a reusable alternative to paper towels, shoppers swear by these soft, nonabrasive cloths you can use on countertops, appliances, and more.

    Reviewer holding pink microfiber cloth

    5. A Dash mini electric griddle because having a tiny kitchen shouldn't stop you from making the best, fluffy diner-style pancakes. This popular little appliance is only 4 inches in size so it's easy to stash away, but thousands of shoppers say it's the best griddle around.

    Reviewer image of round griddle and a plate of pancakes

    6. A two-piece loungewear set if you don't intend to ever get off the 2020 loungewear train. You can easily dress it up with a cute pair of sneakers and a nice bag to run errands, or cozy up with fuzzy slippers and a blanket for totally WFH-appropriate attire.

    7. A stainless-steel sponge holder for a more hygienic way to store your sponges. The sleek caddy sits over the sink and allows its contents to dry quickly without bacteria and foul odors forming.

    Reviewer image of a sponge and brush in holder over their sink

    8. An ultra-whitening electric toothbrush so you can feel like you just got your teeth professionally cleaned every single day. It comes with extra brush heads, a charger, a travel case, oh and 73,000 perfect Amazon ratings.

    9. And to go with your new toothbrush, a two-pack of toothpaste squeezers that will save you so much hassle — and money, since you'll no longer be throwing out half of the toothpaste still stuck in the tube.

    Reviewer image of toothpaste in a metal squeezer

    10. A faux wrap dress sure to be your go-to this season. Reviewers say it's lightweight and comfy, and you can easily dress it up or down depending on what the day's agenda holds.

    11. A 12-pack of shoe storage boxes so you can stop tripping over shoe piles in the entryway. Stash the stackable boxes under the bed, on top of a shelf, or in a closet corner so they're out of the way, but safely and neatly stored.

    Reviewer image of stacked shoe boxes

    12. A guacamole saver that eliminates any future guacamole-gone-brown disappointments. Just put it in this nifty little container, smooth out the top, pop the lid on and you have fresh guac for taco Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

    Reviewer image of guacamole in airtight container

    13. A peel-and-stick wood grain wallpaper for creating a rustic accent wall that'll make you feel like you're in a mountain cabin somewhere far, far away until the sound of sirens and honk-happy drivers remind you that you're not.

    Reviewer image of the wallpaper installed in their bathroom

    14. A Chop Wizard so you never shed a tear while chopping onions again. This clever gadget does all the work for you, eliminates accidental finger slicing, and delivers uniformly chopped veggies in seconds that'll make you feel like such a pro.

    15. A tub of the Pink Stuff that really lives up to the hype. It's no wonder they call it the miracle cleaning paste, it works on tile, glass, shower heads, garden furniture, that rusty sink you never thought you'd see clean again... this ~stuff~ tackles it all.

    16. A travel duffel bag for all those weekends away you're planning now that the frigid winter temps have finally relented. It's the perfect size for an overnight trip, has multiple interior compartments and even slides right over a suitcase handle to make running through an airport at least slightly less stressful.

    Reviewer image of green bag on their car seat

    17. An anti-fatigue mat to make washing dishes more bearable. The plush mat is also waterproof so you don't have to worry about any sauce splatter or spilled milk that hits it, just wipe it off and the mat is as good as new.

    Reviewer image of two mats in their kitchen

    18. A Dash rapid egg cooker that's a longtime reviewer-favorite with more than 90,000 5-star reviews. It cooks eggs to perfection every time and what's equally important, it makes them easy to peel.

    Reviewer image of the blue egg cooker

    19. A two-pack of microwave potato bags so you don't have to wait for an hour while your potato cooks in the oven. No matter how busy and long your day was, a couple minutes in the microwave and dinner is served.

    20. A loose-fitting half-zip-up sweatshirt you'll want to live in, it's that comfortable. Dress it up with jeans and a cute pair of shoes or pair it with your signature weekend outfit of leggings and iced coffee.

    21. A three-drawer teabag organizer every tea lover needs. You'll feel like you're having breakfast at a fancy hotel every time the colorful assortment of tea bags greets you in the morning.

    Reviewer image of teabags in organizer on their countertop

    22. And speaking of tea, a 10-pack of snail-shaped teabag holders so you never have to fish out the string from steaming hot water ever again. They're also super adorable and a good way to keep everyone's mugs from getting mixed up.

    Reviewer image of pink snail teabag holder on a gnome mug

    23. A 14-piece food storage container set that'll add so much space to your pantry now that you won't have a gazillion half-empty boxes cluttering it. The containers help keep pantry staples fresher for longer and the clear plastic allows you to see when ingredients need to be replenished so you never end up with sugar-free cookies because, well, there was no sugar left.

    Reviewer image of containers in their pantry

    24. A set of six drawer organizers you can use to finally tackle the disaster that is your bedroom dresser. Sort everything into categories, organize it in these flexible but sturdy bins and you'll never spend an hour looking for a pair of socks again.

    25. A four-pack of heat-resistant trivets so you don't have to figure out how to explain that random countertop burn to your landlord. Use them to protect surfaces from heat damage and keep utensils on hand while you cook.

    26. A two-piece PJ set that's so cozy, you'll never want to get dressed for the day in anything else again. And the good news is, it could totally work as loungewear too, so technically, you don't have to.

    27. An acacia wood charcuterie board to blow your guests away at the next game night. It comes with four bowls and knives so you can serve cornichons and stinky cheese in true style.

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