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    27 Products That’ll Help You Create The Reading Corner Of Your Dreams

    Create the coziest nook for just one more chapter-ing.

    1. A comfy chair that converts into a bed, because if you're gonna tell yourself "one more chapter" all night, you might as well get comfy. It even has a side pocket to hold your book so yeah, it's meant to be.

    2. A cozy sheepskin rug for the ultimate hygge vibe. Throw it over your armchair to make it extra plush or place it on the floor for a cozy reading corner accent.

    3. A ladder bookshelf to store your ever-growing "need to read" collection. Get the leaning tower of novels off the floor and store them on this beautiful shelf that'll also give a home to all your knickknacks and tchotkches.

    4. A round side table so you have a spot to put down your cup of coffee while you snuggle up with a new book. It's practical, stylish, and there's plenty of space for all your favorite reading snacks. And that's essential, people.

    Reviewer image of the wood side table with a potted plant on it

    5. A luxurious scented candle for the perfect finishing touch to your reading corner. It comes in a ton of beautiful scents including jasmine and lemongrass and has over 10,000+ 5-star reviews from all the other candle aficionados out there. The wood wick candle has a 45 hour burn time, so you do the math...two books' worth?

    Reviewer holding the gold candle

    6. A sleek floor lamp so you don't have to read under the harsh glow of fluorescent overhead lights. This stylish lamp is totally budget-friendly and in addition to creating a cozy ambience, it'll add some nice height to your nook.

    Floor lamp next to an armchair and gold side table

    7. A customizable art print that you can personalize with your favorite reads. It comes in print and canvas form, and you can choose from a teacup or reading glasses design, both of which are adorable and you'll probably want both to grace your reading corner walls.

    Print with a stack of books and pair of glasses

    8. A stoneware mug with a whimsical design, because books and tea go together like, well, books and tea. Shoppers say it totally looks like an Anthropologie find, but for a fraction of the cost.

    Colorful mug on a wood countertop

    9. And to keep your cuppa nice and hot, an electric mug warmer. Sit this baby on your side table and sip on a cozy hot drink to get you through that nail-biter of a mystery read.

    Reviewer image of a mug on the electric warmer

    10. A woven storage basket because you'll definitely need extra blankets and pillows, and this is a cute way to store them all. The neutral color fits with any style and color scheme and the handles make it easy to move when needed.

    Reviewer image of the basket with blankets in it

    11. A leaf-print peel-and-stick wallpaper to give your reading corner an elegant look. If you're not ready for the investment in and commitment to classic wallpaper, peel-and-stick is the way to go. It's inexpensive, easy to install (hint: the directions are in its name), and it's removable which makes it renter-friendly.

    12. And going with the greenery theme, a stunning macrame leaf wall hanging for a touch of texture and color. Enliven any boring corner with this unique decorative accent and customize its size and colors to fit your space.

    Green leaf macrame hanging on a grasscloth wall

    13. A hand-knitted macrame pouf where you can rest your feet after it's been a long day and all you've wanted to do is sit down, grab your book, and breathe a big sigh of relief.

    Reviewer image of the pouf next to a chair

    14. A fleece blanket to cozy up with when the thriller is proving to be a little more than you bargained for, but you're on chapter five and at the point of no return.

    Reviewer image of the gray blanket on a rocking chair

    15. An ultra plush beanbag chair that, don't be surprised, may turn into more of a napping spot than a reading seat. It's just THAT comfortable.

    16. A boho-style pouf with tassels to add some personality to your corner. Use it to put your feet up or hold a stack of books, it's the perfect way to add a little color and pattern as well as a ton of comfort.

    Reviewer image of the pouf next to an armchair

    17. An agate coaster so you have a spot to put down that double shot caramel iced coffee without condensation ruining your wooden side table, because you were so immersed in your book and didn't even notice.

    Different colored agate coasters

    18. A storage bench to store (ehm hide) all those new book purchases. Hey, Amazon keeps recommending 'em! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

    19. A two-pack of throw pillow covers that'll add a soft and fluffy texture while making your reading nook extra cozy. They come in seven different colors, from a creamy beige to saturated mustard yellow.

    Reviewer image of textured cream pillows

    20. A ceramic diffuser to fill your reading space with a soothing fragrance and cool mood lighting. The small but mighty essential oil diffuser has thousands of positive reviews that say it gives off a ton of scent and looks beautiful.

    21. A gold tripod table lamp for some ambient lighting while you're getting to the end of the book, reading every word and flipping the pages extra slow because you just don't want it to end.

    Reviewer image of the lamp on a console

    22. A distressed area rug to add a vintage touch and pull the whole space together. It's soft and comfy, and the ideal backdrop for diving into a beloved classic.

    Reviewer image of the blue, green, and cream area rug

    23. A ceramic vase that'll help you add some blooms to your space to make it feel extra special. And speaking of extra special, this vase. That looks like a one of a kind investment piece, when it's under $20 and can be at your front door within two shipping days.

    Reviewer image of the vase with pink roses in it

    24. A pair of agate bookends for the ~gems~ in your literature collection. Keep books from falling over and elevate your bookshelf with these stunning natural stones.

    Reviewer image of two book ends with books in the middle

    25. A velvet floor pillow if you feel like reading on the floor but still need a comfy spot. The luxuriously soft velvet texture and rich color makes this a must-have for every cozy reading nook.

    Chartreuse floor pillow on a checkered rug

    26. A mid-century style armchair for a stylish place to sit while you peruse your book collection, trying to decide between a fun read and an inspirational biography. It may just come down to a coin flip.

    Reviewer image of the armchair with a throw and pillow on it

    27. A pair of blackout curtain panels to keep the sun from shining directly in your eyes while you're trying to kick back with a good book.

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