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    27 Products On Amazon That Inspired Over 1,000 People To Leave A 5-Star Review

    A magical stain eliminator, reviewer-loved organizational tools, bug repellents that actually work, and more summer staples.

    1. A stain and odor eliminator that's a pet owner must-have according to 100K+ reviewers. If you've replaced one too many rugs due to pesky stains, save yourself the money and hassle and get this magical under-$20 spray.

    2. A three-pack of drawer organizers if your dresser drawers currently resemble a tornado aftermath. These sturdy dividers keep everything neat and organized, which you'll seriously appreciate when it doesn't take you 20 minutes just to find a matching pair of socks.

    Reviewer image of the two organizers used for socks

    3. A handheld vacuum so you can quickly clean up the remnants of your road trip snacks. The small size allows you to get in every nook and cranny and is way easier to use than pulling out the big ole vacuum.

    Reader holding the vacuum outside by their car

    4. A two-pack of stainless steel wipes if the sight of fingerprints all over your fridge door makes you shudder every time you walk by. These easy-to-use wipes instantly remove that and other dirt and build-up to restore that like-new sparkly shine.

    Reviewer image of their stainless steel fridge cleaned with the wipes

    5. A bottle of Old English scratch cover that does exactly what its name suggests — it covers up scratches. Tons of reviewers say they've used it for decades and if a product has been a fan favorite for longer than you've been alive, you know it's gotta be good.

    6. A 12-pack of vacuum storage bags if your bulky winter clothes are taking up all your closet space. Get these handy bags and — poof!— like magic, you'll instantly gain up to 80% more storage room.

    7. A 10-pack of magic eraser sponges that remove wall marks, stove splatter, tile grime, soap scum, and pretty much any other unsightly messes.

    8. A soft runner rug to welcome you home after a looong day. And to add a beautiful decorative accent without spending a ton of money.

    Reviewer image of the runner in their hallway

    9. A wall-mounted broom holder that's a way better storage alternative than shutting the closet door and hoping for the best. It keeps cleaning tools off the ground and easy to grab when chore day rolls around again.

    10. A 24-pack of washing machine tablets if you've noticed your clothes don't come out smelling like actual clean laundry anymore. Instead of trying 12 different detergents, run a hot cycle with one of these tablets and it'll get rid of any funky odors.

    Reviewer showing one of the washing machine cleaner tablets

    11. And speaking of appliances, a 24-pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets because you'd be shocked and slightly horrified if you knew how much bacteria and dirt can build up in your dishwasher.

    Reviewer before & after images of their dishwasher

    12. A 10-pack of mosquito repellent bracelets if you're that person who's covered in bites approximately two days into summer. Pop this on your wrist or ankle and sweet blood or not, the pesky insects will stay away.

    Reviewer showing the blue mosquito repellent bracelet on their wrist

    13. An eight-inch Dash griddle so you can make a diner-worthy breakfast anytime the craving hits. The mini size makes it easy to store if your cabinets are bursting at the seams and you've banned yourself from purchasing any new gadgets. This is worth the exception, we promise.

    14. A handheld fan to keep you cool no matter how unbearably hot the day gets and whether you're sitting at your desk or taking the dog for a walk.

    15. An eight-piece packing cube set so you don't arrive at your destination only to have to steam every single piece of clothing you brought with you. These cubes keep everything neat and tidy, eliminating major creases and wrinkles.

    Reviewer image of filled packing cubes

    16. A six-piece set of mixing bowls with lids that have a rubber base, so they don't go sliding around when you get overly enthusiastic whisking up a fluffy cloud of meringue.

    Reviewer image of the lidded bowls on their kitchen counter

    17. And since we're on the subject of baking, a set of eight magnetic measuring spoons because eyeballing ingredients doesn't exactly work when it comes to baked goods. They have round and oval ends for convenience and stack for space-saving storage.

    18. A reviewer-favorite bed sheet set with over 250,000 5-star ratings, which is more people than live in some major cities, folks! Once you try the sheets, you'll see why — they're soft, wrinkle-resistant, and the deep pocket ensures the fitted sheet stays on no matter how much you toss and turn.

    Reviewer image of the beige sheets on their bed

    19. A four-piece set of cereal containers because starting your day with stale cereal definitely isn't the breakfast of champions.

    Reviewer image of four labeled cereal containers on their countertop

    20. A magnetic screen door so you can enjoy the fresh summer breeze without extending an invitation to every bug and mosquito in the near vicinity.

    21. A two-pack of toilet bowl lights that reviewers say are a great potty-training tool, because how fun is a colorful glowing toilet?! The motion sensor lights have 16 color options and five brightness levels to choose from, and they're a great alternative to a classic night light.

    22. A splatter screen for your frying pan so you can enjoy your delicious dinner instead of spending all night scrubbing a greasy stove. The fine mesh allows steam to escape so your food can cook properly, but it stops 99% of the messy — and painful! — cooking oil splatter.

    Reviewer image of the splatter guard on a frying pan on their stove

    23. A 30-pack of non-slip velvet hangers if your closet could use a little help. The slim hangers will save you a ton of space and prevent garments from falling off, plus the uniform look will give your closet such a satisfyingly neat and organized appearance.

    Reviewer image of the blue hangers in their closet

    24. An eight-pack of solar pathway lights for instant nighttime curb appeal. The sleek lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn, and are a great way to illuminate a walkway or high~light~ trees and shrubbery.

    25. A set of four fruit fly traps that tens of thousands of shoppers say actually work — see proof below! Added bonus: the little red apples keep the dead bugs hidden so as not to ruin your appetite when you walk in the kitchen to grab a snack.

    26. A water filter for your kitchen faucet if you go through more cases of bottled water than you'd care to count. Attach this cheap fixture directly onto the faucet and it'll automatically filter water every time you turn the tap on.

    Reviewer image of the filter attached to their kitchen faucet

    27. A 9-foot patio umbrella because summer is finally here. Which is all fun and games until you're sitting outside, being blinded by the sun. Give your patio a cheap makeover and get this sturdy umbrella that has a tilting and cranking mechanism for easy use.

    Reviewer image of the umbrella by their outdoor pool

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.