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42 Pieces Of Definitive Proof That You Might Possibly Be Armenian

Get ready for your next big family gathering by preparing cheekofteh and dolma. Don’t forget to bring the vodka or Arak.

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1. You know someone who lives in Glendale, California or Little Armenia in Hollywood, California

2. Have a last name that ends with "ian"

Marian Thomas

3. A small family gathering is no less than 50 people

4. When your grandmother makes a homemade kebab sandwich and tells you it’s a hamburger

5. Your mom is obsessive about having a clean house


6. When you have more hair on your shoulders than your head

7. You have eaten at Zankou Chicken

8. You piss off people at a noisy restaurant for being too loud

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9. You are so obsessed with playing backgammon you’ve considered buying Levon’s portable tavlou strap

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10. Your grandma packs grape leaves as part of her travel pantry

11. You are a fan of System of a Down

12. When your living room looks like the Scarface set

 or this lady's house

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13. You automatically turn your coffee cup over to have your fortune read

14. A typical wedding has over 500 people

15. You are over 30, live with your parents and drive a BMW

16. Your grandmother gets upset when you don't eat

17. You have an endless supply of pistachios, walnuts, dates and pumpkin seeds

18. When you have soujuk and eggs for breakfast

19. You observe April 24, 1915 as Genocide Day

20. You never visit someone's house empty handed

21. You participated in youth programs from Homenetmen, AGBU, AYF or ACYO

Lisa Saghdejian Bardizbanian

22. You catch yourself telling people Armenians were the first to adopt Christianity in 301 A.D / Via http://_Armenian_Church,_Tbilisi.JPG

23. You have a name that is hard to pronounce therefore you go by your nick name

24. Saying goodbye is an hour ordeal

Warner Brothers Pictures / Via

25. You own a Taline CD or DVD for your child

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26. You throw an agra hadig party when your child’s first tooth comes out. You throw objects in front of child to choose which reflects their future occupation

27. You get full from appetizers at Armenian wedding even though there are 3 more courses to go

28. When you believe in superstitions such as the evil eye

29. You have taken your car to be fixed by the "Shift It" Guy

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30. You have been forced to go to wedding of a relative you don’t know

31. You either have the Armenian nose or you’re not admitting you had a nose job

32. You grow pomegranates, lemons and mint in your backyard

33. When your gesture for saying “no” is a clicking sound you make with your mouth

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Sassoun Hagopian / Via

34. You have been to a Vahe Berberian show

35. Your grandparents are hooked on Armenian soap operas

vervaratsnere / Via

36. You celebrate Christmas on January 6th, from the old Julian calendar

37. Your grandmother has knitted you everything including a cozy for your dishwashing liquid


38. You have eaten Lahmajun aka Armenian Pizza


39. Your family doesn’t use real tupperware rather a cupboard full of used but carefully rinsed yogurt or margarine containers

40. You know that Principal Skinner from the Simpsons was born as Armin Tamzarian

Fox - Simpsons / Via

41. You’ve taken a picture with Harout Pamboukjian, the Armenian equivalent to Elvis

Marian Thomas

42. You are always late also known as running on Armenian time

43. When you know this to be true

Paul Kalinian / Via

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