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22 Times Starbucks Got This Guy's Name Wrong

We all know it happens and there is a rumor going around that they do it on purpose. However, this guy seems to have no luck at Starbucks getting his name right. Can you guess what his name is? You'll find the answer by watching the video at the end.

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12. Maybe this Barista got tired of Bae and wanted to bring back Poggie?

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According to Urban Dictionary, Poggie is nickname for a person you are very close to but not in a sexual way under any circumstances. A pet name.

Maybe they are just F***ing with you?

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If you haven't already seen this video, you will start to understand that it might be a smart conversation starter on the part of Starbucks. Regardless, this video explains the reason in a humorous way.

Take a listen and see if you can guess his name.

View this video on YouTube / Via Marian Thomas

If you haven't guessed it yet his name is Barrett!

Barrett Yeretsian / Via

Thanks for the laughs Starbucks.

Thank you Barrett for being such a good sport and giving me permission to use your posts and share your pictures.

You can follow Barrett's record company IronHeart Records on Instagram.

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