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The Shows You Should Be Watching On Netflix

Thank me later. Like 3 or 4 seasons later.

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7. Keeping up with the Kardashians

Stay with me on this one...

This show may not have what your looking for in terms of plot but what in lacks in substance, it makes up for in amusement. This melodramatic soap opera of sorts is all-time consuming with the ridiculous get aways and avant-garde fashion of the oh-so-famous-but-like-why-are-you-famous Kardashians.

Their blatant behavior and unfiltered vocabulary is actually really funny. They don't give a f*ck. And neither should you. But to be safe, when people ask what you're watching just stick with One Tree Hill.

6. Parks and Recreation

Listen to me very carefully when I say, skip the first season. It's not worth the time or considerable effort you will put into coming up with reasons it ever aired. It was bizarre, unstructured, and IDK but we moved past it.

However, seasons 2-5 are actually some of the best episodes ever to binge watch. Obviously, this show rocks because Amy Poehler stars as the main character, Leslie Knope. She plays a government officer who is like way to happy to work for the government while her co-workers couldn't give less of a f*ck about their city's parks and rec.

5. Desperate Housewives

8 seasons and not one episode less exciting than the last.

These desperate housewives met on Wisteria Lane but were brought together by their shared neighbor, Mary Alice.

Essentially, Mary Alice narrates the entire series after her cryptic self-imposed death [that's no major spoiler, trust me]. But even after her suicide, the already close housewives became closer and their lives more intertwined.

Like all great tv shows, the major themes are love, sex, drugs, death, kidnapping, natural disasters, insane asylums, plane crashes, and you know... typical day kind of shit.

If this show doesn't seem like your bread and butter, at least consider watching because of the cast. Gaby Solis, my favorite housewife, is played by none other than Eva Longoria. And yeah well the other housewives aren't her so I don't know their names.

4. Gossip Girl

"Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite."

The intro to every jaw-dropping episode already tells you this show is one for the books.

These high school rich kids don't know what it means to practice abstinence, make an honest living, or even go to school, really.

If Blair Waldorf's ingenious scheming and Serena van der Woodsen's impeccable taste doesn't do it for you, then I promise the intoxicating Chuck Bass and golden boy, Nate Archibald, will. And then there's Dan but, come on, he's from Brooklyn.

3. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad has this incredible storyline where a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer teams up with one of his former degenerate students to concoct the world's most desired drug.

This mind-blogging series takes the beloved father and husband, Walter White, from a chemotherapy patient living off a teacher's salary to a thuggish drug lord who banks millions off crystal blue meth.

Definitely sounds like something you need to watch. Am I right?

2. Scandal

As if you have better things to do than watch Olivia Pope tear it up in and out of the White House. She is the best at what she does and what she does, no one else can do. Olivia and her team of "gladiators" stop potential scandals involving political figures from blowing up and make them disappear before they can go to court. OH and she's sleeping with the President of the United States.

And if Olivia Pope doesn't impress you, Mellie, the First Lady, sure as hell will.

1. How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM, for short, will definitely be this summer's guilty pleasure. Everyone's hopping on that bandwagon and with good reason. The show just ended this spring and now everyone wants to know the answer to the most important question of the 21st century... WHO IS THE MOM DAMN IT.

Well no spoilers here but this show is totally worth the time.

Now viewers, let me enlighten you. The title does not always tell you what the show is about. For example, HIMYM takes approximately 8 seasons to reveal how Ted Moesby, the father, meets the mother. But those 8 seasons were glorious, really my favs. The last disappointed quite a few -including myself- but no one expressed regrets. I enjoyed meeting the clan- especially Barney Stinson, the womanizer of the show who does plays the most convincing role despite his off-set homosexuality. He is responsible for most of the greatest one-liners on television.

This show is for anyone who's always- no screw it this show is for everyone.

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