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    • mariam61

      PLEASE - I’m sure there are plenty of qualified women for the position! Assuming that there’s a dearth of qualified women sounds a bit sexist in of itself. The fact is that women have been outpacing men in terms of education for decades now and they are still not being compensated at the same rate as men. Pretending that sexism or racism aren’t issues anymore just shows your own privilege and ignorance. They are huge issues for a lot of people - just not you. No one said there had to be an equal number of women on the board at Twitter - just that there should be at least one! Diversity is important for any organization and not just to ‘check boxes’ as Costolo so condescending said BUT because there are PLENTY of intelligent, motivated and highly qualified women (and minorities) out there that would be beneficial for the company. No ones advocating for tokenism - they are asking for FAIRNESS and EQUALITY. Nothing wrong with that - in fact I believe those are some of the very values our country was purported to be founded upon.

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