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    All The Stuff You Desperately Wanted When You Watched iCarly And Zoey 101

    Two words: Pear phone.

    1. The Jet X scooters from Zoey 101

    Nickelodeon Productions

    Vroom Vroom, baby!

    Look at that! So fun. And they came in so many colors. Zoey is having the time of her life!

    Nickelodeon Productions

    Maximum speed reached: 8 MPH.

    2. The Pear computers from every teen Nickelodeon show

    Nickelodeon Productions

    Zoey's loving it!

    Carly's got one too.

    Nickelodeon Productions

    Carly can't help but flash her Pear computer a soft-smile.

    3. The Pear iPhones from iCarly and Victorious

    Nickelodeon Productions

    This is the future.

    4. The Pear iPads from Victorious

    Nickelodeon Productions

    The Pear Pads come with Pear Maps.

    5. And if your Pear products are having problems, you just take them on over to the Pear Genius Bar.

    Nickelodeon Productions

    If I'm going to openly weep in front of Genius Bar employees, because I spilled water on my keyboard and liquid damage isn't covered by the warranty.... I'd prefer to do it here.... At the Pear version.

    6. The gummy bear chandelier from iCarly

    Nickelodeon Productions

    I love it and I still want it.

    Seriously, so beautiful.

    And look! They're suspended by thousands of tiny strings.


    I recommend watching this video of a man building a gummy bear chandelier. It's kind of beautiful.

    View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

    Craftsmanship isn't dead, people!

    7. The gummy bear lamp from iCarly

    Nickelodeon Productions

    Another crucial, gummy bear lighting product.

    8. The car couch from iCarly

    Nickelodeon Productions

    Ignore them. Look at the car couch!

    And if you look past Michelle Obama, you can see people sitting on the car couch!

    Nickelodeon Productions

    Stunning AND comfortable.

    9. The ice cream sandwich bench from iCarly

    Nickelodeon Productions

    Ooo la la!

    10. Also the fish table from iCarly

    Nickelodeon Productions

    I hope those are not real fishes.

    11. And, of course, the iconic key necklace from Zoey 101

    Nickelodeon Productions

    I mean, we really could just make this one ourselves, but it's still cool!

    What are we missing? Comment below with your favorite products from Nickelodeon shows.

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