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11 Things "Type A" People Can't Handle

Get the hell outta the way, we're in a hurry here.

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1. You can't turn right on red because the ONLY car in front of you is going straight. / Via

That's two minutes of your life you'll never ever get back.

2. The shopper ahead of you in line is writing a check.


A check.

3. Someone in the office asks if you "have a minute".


Your thought is, "I literally have one minute for you. Nothing more".

4. Your computer is installing updates.


...installing 8 of 71 updates.

5. The thought of Black Friday shopping.


iPads on sale for $1? Nope. Still not worth it.

6. Every single pump at the gas station is occupied.


You'd rather keep driving and risk running out of gas than wait for a pump to become available.

7. The salesperson offers to see if the out-of-stock shoes are available at the next closest location.


Not a chance in Hades you're driving 30 minutes to the next DSW to buy those shoes, no matter how great they are.

8. The minivan in front of you lingers in the drive-thru lane to inventory their entire order.


The accuracy of their order isn't your problem and should in no way inconvenience you.

9. The friend you're meeting for lunch is late.


She had to stop and rescue a lost puppy? Oh cool...but she's still late.

10. Someone tells you to "calm down" or "relax".


Oh, okay.

11. There is no #11.


You're in a hurry and don't have time for this.

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