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Tom Hiddleston Gets Caked

...and it doesn't involve the sweet, traditional slice we use for celebrating.

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At the 59th Standard Theater Awards on November 17th, Tom Hiddleston was one of the presenters. Usually dapper in clothing, one of England's [if not, the world's] most eligible bachelors did not disappoint.

His face is something that's popular and intentionally attractive at first glance. On Sunday, that was a little compromised.

Still looking handsome, one can clearly tell that the skin tone of his neck and face are different. Yes, there really isn't any Vitamin D outside to enjoy in London. However, even his face has two different shades.

This is what we make-up artists call, "Cake Face" - because of its cakey consistency.

I sigh. His make-up artist or whoever is responsible for this clearly didn't check under the right lighting or use the right shade or just didn't contour properly.

I'm sure Tom didn't mind...

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