Benedict Cumberblotch.

Because men suffer for beauty, too.

1. The first day of TIFF [Toronto International Film Festival] kicked off September 5th. As usual, Benny looked dapper in his suit and bowtie. However, look at his face.

Yes, that handsome face we all know and adore looks a bit unequal… a bit shady, even. Speaking of “even” - look at how uneven it looks. Surely, Benny’s not at fault. I blame his posse for not speaking truth about how he looks. His make-up artist [or whoever committed this blasphemy on his Adonis face] must be picking out the correct colours for the next time they put Benny’s face on. If they aren’t, they should .

For those who don’t see what’s wrong, let me tell you:
1. Clearly, that’s not his skin colour… or anything remotely close to it.
2. It’s unevenly distributed.
3. Contouring is all botched up.

*I’m a make-up artist, so I know when something doesn’t look right.

2. This isn’t the first time it’s happened…

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

3. Remember London?

I can appreciate a good contouring job.

4. Two years later…

It’s like he ate bbq chicken… and his whole face joined in on the fun.

5. Remember New York?

The sun-kissed look almost seems agreeable.
Can we contour down the neck, next time?

6. Remember Japan?

It looks like he’s scratching his head, right?
That must have been his reply to this comment: You’ve got something on your face.

He’s a good sport about it.

8. Bad make-up or not, he’s still a Cumberbabe.

Your make-up faux pas = forgiven.

9. Maybe make-up isn’t for The Batch.

Or at least, too much of the wrong kind of make-up isn’t for The Batch.

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