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A Singer, 2 Ballers, And A Random White Dude

Sounds like the start of a bad bar joke, right? WRONG.

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TMZ recently released this bit of Justin Bieber & two new friends, namely Kevin Durant and Tyson Chandler. The man on the right [dubbed as "some other random white dude" by TMZ] is none other than Carl Lentz, who pastors Hillsong NYC. To the general public, that name may seem tame, unknown, and blase. To the hustle & bustle of New York City and perhaps the Tri-State area, that name is thrown in the mix of Lentz's catchy sermon phrases such as "Church In The Wild", "Scandal Of Grace", and most recently, "Always. Only. Jesus." As a church known for welcoming anyone and everyone - from the faceless to the famous - to come as they are, interesting how Lentz has become the "faceless" among the famous. Be that as it may, he is definitely making Jesus famous in any and every way he can. As Lentz puts it, "Occupy All Streets".

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