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    21 Shocking Facts About Alice Cooper

    Turns out that "No More Mr. Nice Guy" might be the sweetest man in your dad's record collection

    So this is Alice Cooper...

    A 70's rock star who pioneered the subgenre of "shock rock"- music whose sound, lyrics, and accompanying outfits were engineered to terrify parents all over America. But the man behind hits like "School's Out" and "I'm Eighteen" is not that different from the suburbanites he used to scare...

    1. He's a Preacher's Kid

    Born Vincent Furnier in 1948, Alice grew up in Phoenix, Arizona as the son of a preacher in the Church of Jesus Christ. Seen here in his high school yearbook photo, Alice was an active member of his congregation while growing up.

    2. He's Helped Other Rocks Stars Get Sober

    After quitting drinking in the 80's, the Coop counseled his contemporaries through sobriety, including Megadeath's Dave Mustaine, who considers Alice his "godfather."

    3. He Loves Golf

    Cooper reportedly plays golf six times a week, and hosts his own annual charity competition, the Alice Cooper Celebrity AM Golf Tournament.

    4. He's a Family Man

    In 1976, Alice married Sheryl (nee Goddard), a dancer in his stage show. The couple is still married and has three kids. Their oldest daughter Calico (right) followed in her mom's footsteps, performing in Alice's shows since 2000.

    5. He's a Born-Again Christian

    And is even a substitute Bible teacher at his local Sunday School!

    6. He Was Friends with Groucho Marx...

    In the late 1970s, Cooper donated $27,000 to the project to refurbish the famed "Hollywood" sign, in memory of his friend Groucho.

    7. ...And Salvador Dalí

    Alice's on-stage antics even inspired Dalí to create a hologram, entitled "First Cylindric Chromo-Hologram Portrait of Alice Cooper's Brain"

    8. He Has a Radio Show

    "Nights With Alice Cooper" has been broadcasted across the United States and Canada since 2004.

    9. He's a Huge Beatles Fan

    Cooper has said, "I loved The Beatles because they wrote such simple songs, which is a really tough thing to do."

    10. He Can Throw Some Serious Shade

    Cooper isn't afraid to call out his sometime-collaborator Marilyn Manson: "He took a girl's name as his first and wears a hell of a lot of makeup. I wish I'd thought of doing that."

    11. He Used to Babysit Keanu Reeves

    Reeves' mother used to let her next-door-neighbor Alice take Keanu to the recording studio while she went to work. Apparently, Keanu had no idea that "Mr. Cooper" was famous until years later.

    12. Despite His Violent Stage Show, Cooper is Scared of Shots

    Alice doesn't do doctors' visits: "Put my head in a guillotine, fine, but put a needle near me and I'm passed out on the floor."

    13. He Had a Public Feud with Ann Landers

    After Anders criticized Cooper's necrophilia-themed song "Cold Ethyl," Alice wrote to Landers, trying to explain that it was "just a show." Landers was not receptive, and published his letter in her national column only to reply and lambast Cooper, saying "I caught your guillotine number in Chicago several years ago and almost lost my supper."

    14. He Ran For Governor

    In 1988, Alice ran for governor in his home state of Arizona under the slogan "Alice Cooper: A Troubled Man for Troubled Times"

    15. He Has His Own Theme Ride

    Universal Studios in LA featured an Alice-themed "spooky maze" during their 2011 Halloween Season

    16. He Owns A Restaurant

    Cooper'stown restaurant in Arizona has been serving up lunch and dinner since 1998.

    17. He Jams With Johnny Depp

    Alice and Johnny have performed together on numerous occasions, both for charity events and for a few nights on Alice's most recent tours. The Coop also made a cameo appearance in Depp's latest Tim Burton-collaboration, "Dark Shadows."

    18. He's Academic

    Alice holds an honorary PhD from Grand Canyon University

    19. He's a "Walking Dead" Fan

    Cooper is a hardcore "Walking Dead" aficionado, and has stated that Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon is his favorite character.

    20. He Has His Own Bon Jovi Song


    It's called "The Ballad of Alice Cooper." Alice ended up recording the never-released Bon Jovi B-side himself, after years of teasing the Jersey band about the song never making the final cut on their commercial albums. (Who knew these guys had more in common beyond beautiful hair and an 80's heyday?)

    21. He'll Always Be Number One

    For the past 5 decades, Alice Cooper has been the reigning king of Shock Rock, and his theatrical music and stage persona has paved the way for generations of artists. We're not worthy!

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